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Babydragon's DBZ Legends

Babydragon's DBZ Legends

Last Updated 11/16/00

Welcome to Babydragon's DBZ Legends!!

Dragonball is a great anime show form Japan. This particular show lasted for several years. It went throughout 3 main seiers:




Dragonball is about a young boy living ,here on Earth, who is actually a sayin-jinn from the planet Vegeta. Sayin-jinns are born to be fighters. They love to fight. Sayin-jinns can only get stronger after a battle(unless they are killed). Planet Vegeta is part of the Space Trade. They work for Freeza someone we meet later in DBZ). Sayin-jinns are like the military who go and wipe out what ever "pests" may be inhabiting the planet they want to sell. If the planet has strong fights the Sayin-jinns will send an adult fighter to destroy the people, but if it is a weak planet, like Earth, then they can send a baby Sayin-jinn. The baby will be programmed to destroy all the planet's inhabitants. But for some reason the baby sent to Earth did not destroy it.

An old man named Gohan found a young baby all alone near his house in the woods. He decided to keep the boy and call him Gokuh. Gokuh was a very spirited and mean baby. One day he feel off a cliff and hit his head. Gohan took care of him and once he was better he nol onger was the bad and violent child he was. This is because he lost his memory and his mission to destroy all of Earth's living creatures.

Dragonball Z is the second installment of the Dragonball Series. This sereies is about the adult Gokuh, who also now has a son named Gohan after his grandfather. Gokuh is married to Chi Chi and they live out were Grandpa Gohan lived. Gokuh and the rest of the gang, Krillin, Bulma, Yahmcha, Olong, meet on Master Roshi's island. Gokuh introduces his son to them and they find out his son has a tail. They all rememer what happened with Gokuh and his tail. They ask if Gohan's ever seen a full moon and Gokuh replies no. Before the can all linger on this problem a warrior appears from the sky. He identifies himsekf as Radditz. He is Gokuh's older brother from the planet Vegeta. He is also a Sayian-jinn. Radittz wants Gokuh to join him along with his son because they are Sayian-jinns. Master Roshi tells Gokuh that he was foung in a space pod by Gohan(old). And that he hit his head and was a sweet boy from that day on. Gokuh had no idea that he was from outerspace. He refuses Radittz offer but get betup by him and Radittz takes Gohan with him. Piccilo arrives after Radittz leavs. He and Gokuh put away their rivaly t join together to fight the new enemy. Together they go to the spacepods landing site. Because of Gohan's noise making he was trown in to the sound proof pod by his uncle. Gokuh and Piccolo begin to fight Radittz. While in the middle of the fight(Gokuh getting his ass kicked) Gohan blasts out of the pod. Radittz reads the boys power at 710(?). Gohan knocks his uncle in the chest and breaks part of his armer. After using such power Gohan falls down asleep. Radittzgets up not beliveing the kid's power. Then Raditz is about to kill Gohan when he comes up behind him and holds his brother while Piccolo fires a blast at them. Gokuh sacraficed himself for the rest of the world. Gokuh dies and his soul goes on a journy to King Kai's with Kammi's help. He has to travle on Snake Way which is said to be oner 10,000 miles long. He spends 6 months traveling it when he falls off. He races some oggers and battles one. He then is shown a way back to snake way. This short cut leads to King Yemah's desk draw. So Gokuh starts all over agin. This time he makes it a lot faster. Once he gets to King Kia's he trains his body for the fight against the Sayins.

Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth. They are hear because they heard of the Dragonballs over Radittz's scouter. At first Veget and Nappa fight Piccolo, Gohan, Kurillen, Yamcha, Chouzu, and Tein.(sp?) But all of the die but Gohan, and Kurillen before Gokuh gets there from Snak Way. In the end Gokuh defeats the Sayin with the help of the rest and even Yajerobi helped! Time goes by and then the Nmaike Saga begins. Gokuh's in the hospital after fighting Vegeta by using the Kao-Kan Attack. Gohan, Kurillen, and Bulma travel to Namek in a space ship Bulma's dad made. They go there to get the dragon balls there so they can wish thier friends back. Because Piccolo was killed protecting Gohan, the dragon balls on Earth disapared. Ther's just one problem, Vegeta and a guy named Frieza are also after the dragon balls. Frieza is very strong and powerful, even stronger than Vegeta. Vegeta teams u with Gohan & Kurillen to get the dragon balls and they have to fight the Guinyu Force. There's Goldo, Recoom, Berter, Jase, and Captian Guinyu. Veteat is able to defeat Goldo easily but Recoom is another story. Recoom badly beats up Vegeta and then Kurillen and now poor Gohan is nearly dead.(I think he snaped his neak or something, not sure) But dear old dad comes to the rescuse after recovering from the battle with Vegeta. Gokuh arrives on Nameik with Senzu Beans. Gokuh had trained in 100 x's gravity on the way in the other space ship. He's now much stronger and defeats Recoom, and Berter with little efort. Jase runs off and tells Guinyu. Guinyu and Gokuh fight and are pretty evenly matched, but Gokuh get's the upper hand and begins to win. But Guinyu dosen't fight fair, he uses a power that enables him to switch bodies with whom ever he wants. Kurillen and Gohan had already left to go find the other dragon balls with Bulma's Dragon Ball Radar. In the end Goukuh gets his body back and Guinyu get the body of a frog. Gokuh is put in a healing chamber by Vegeta and Vegeta gives Kurillen and Gohan some new cloths, sayin style.

Dagonball Grand Tour(GT) is the final part of Dragon Ball. This was made a couple years after the DBZ series. Another director produced this and got off track of how well everything was before GT. In GT Trunks, Pan(Gohan & Videl's daughter), and young Gokuh go into space after the dragon turned Gokuh in to a child. He looks like Goten did. They go in search of the Black Dragon Balls. They are spread throughout the galaxy. They take one of Bulma's spacecraft’s to go on this journey.

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Character Info From DB/Z/GT

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