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"I went down to Mexico, Mi amigo, and found Jesus living outside the USA!!!:)" ~Audio Adrenaline:)
On February 28, 2003 a group of 20 college students and their 2 "parents" answered a call from God, headed out west, brought many people happiness, received much more happiness, and gained memories, experiences, and relationships that none of them will ever forget. Their lives were changed forever and many of them did not want to come home. Here you can follow their journey through many pictures that were taken...probably 30 rolls...but not all are here;) I didn't think everyone wanted to see the same sunset 50 times:)

Here we are at the Atlanta airport waiting to catch the next flight to Phoneix:)
this is the sunrise from the airplane during our flight from Raliegh, NC to Atlanta, Ga

Amy at the airport:)

Crystal "Uno:)" Peebles

Crystal "dos:)" Williams and Amy at the Airport...I dunno which one:)
Scott and Vickie, aka Mom and Dad:), sleeping on the plane:)aww how sweet:)heehee

Now I have to interrupt the pictures to narrate some more;)So we left Raliegh at 5:45 am on Saturday March 1, 2003 and landed in Atlanta, Ga at 7:30ish, then boarded our flight for Phoneix at 8:20 am. The flights were awesome and it was the first plane flight for a handful of people:) I sat behind Kelly Parker and OMG!!! She was so cute:) She taught me this song~> I'm flying on an Airplane looking out the window watching the clouds go by, I'm flying in an airplane looking out the window up so very high:)" or something like that:) hee hee she was so uplifting on the trip and kept every one of us informed when we passed over something interesting:) At one point Amy Collins had moved to Kelly's seat and Kelly was sitting in her lap as they both looked out the window wwhile Caleb Parker gave us a tour of the topography:) It was great. Scott even pitched in with telling us that often when flying, you can look down and see a rainbow ring and then the shadow of the plane in the middle..we saw two of these:) it was soooo coool:) Ok so there are pictures of the land from the plane but at the moment I haven't gotten hold of those, however when they are available I will place them here;) They are so awesome:) Good Job Caleeb:) So we landed in Phoneix at 1pm their time which was 3 pm NC time. We were supposed to have gotten our luggage,boarded a "bus" and start our 12 hour ride to Empalme,BUT...:) Oh did I mention our motto was BE FLEXIBLE!!! We lived by it everyday:) OK so our BUS isn't here and isn't comming, but Pastor Martin... our local contact that lives 8 hours away from Emplame, and his collegue, James, greet us and then with Scott head off to find transportation for 24 people and luggage for 22 people... So Josh Brown had been hanging with the people in charge and came back to the group to fill us in with what was going on...little did we know that he was about to tell us they had decided to get 2 vans...this means 24 people and 66 bags of luggage were going to be mushed into 2 vans and a Jeep Cherokee...Well all of us freaked at first, and Ms. Vickie went to talk to the MEN:) and when she came back nothing was different, so then some of us freaked out a little longer while others of us went off and prayed. Ms. Vickie assured us she would not let us travel into Mexico unsafetly and then Caleb suggested we have a group prayer. After our prayer things were still bleh so I suggested we sing. I believe, because I have always heard, that when you praise God in the midst of a storm, the rainbow that preceeds the storm shines bright:) So thankfully Josh had joined our group two days before we left and was able to play guitar for us while we sang, it was so amazingly awesome:) I love God sooo much for allowing us to have the opportunity to witness to the people that passed by:) I mean could you imagine 21 christians sitting in the corner of an airport singing praises to God when they don't know what is going on and what will happen to them next! HOW AWESOME IS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER that he provided us that storm so that he could shine through us:) To me it was like He was asking, "Do you really trust me?" and it also felt like He was testing us...I mean if we were scared to sing praises in an airport, then how were we going to share His love and Words in Mexico:) I was also deeply touched when my roomie:) Amy, sang in spanish Open the Eyes of My Heart with Pastor Martin:) It was beautiful:) I will never forget that moment:) Well we finally got two vans and loaded as much stuff into them as we could and then drove over to the Hertz place to rent another this time we had been at the Phoneix airport for 2 then at the Hertz place we played tons of kid games, ones Amy, Kelly, Jennifer Boring, and I had played at camp. OH OH OH I have to put this in too:) Katrin, Amy, Christy, Andy, Caleb, and I with TONS OF Luggage piled into James' van and went CRAZY!!! I had bought some blue raspberry gummy sharks and waited the whole trip to sing...."Gummy shark doot doo dooot doo doot doo:)" and we were just crazy:) I love my roomie sooooo much:)anyways...back to the Hertz place:) We had lots of fun and played Invisible Football, Down by the banks, Double Double this this, etc....OH and at the airport we had started doing puzzle games and did one where we said I like boots but not shoes and you had to figure out why...well when we finally got the third and final van (we now looked like the secret service or CSI) we packed up and left, but then our van (Big Bertha) realized that the third van didn't like luggage....I guess you had to be there it was funny cause we were playing that game before...and Amy was like I dunno what you guys like but I know you do not like luggage..:) hee hee So then we were treated to Outback MMMMMM:) and finally left for our 12 hour trip to Mexico around 6pm.........OK so we didn't make it to Mexico that night but at 12am we made it to the border at Nogales and stayed at the Siesta Motel....Well here we ran into another drama:) Ms. Vickie had gone in with Scott and Pastor Martin and later told us that the guys had decided to get two rooms and stuff 15 girls into one room and 8 guys into another....Well Ms. Vickie finally convinced them that we would kill each other, and we ended up with 3 rooms for girls and one for guys....BUT...the guys didn't know that until this past Thursday!!!! HAHAA So they all crammed into one room and Pastor Martin got his own bed while Chris, Keith, Caleb, Josh, Andy, Nic, and James fought it out on the floor...Chris swears he was going to sleep in the tub and I dunno why he didn't, I would have;)!!! So about 2am this air raid is going on...well it isn't an air raid nor is it the alarm clock amy told me to go turn off....that is halarious:) Amy nudges me and says...Turn the alarm off and I grumbled something, got out of bed, went to the door tried to open it but couldn't get out grumbled something else, and then went back to bed...after stumbling through the dark...well the noise stopped and then started again...Chris went out to help but I don't remember the story well enough to tell it as good as he does. When I talk to him I will put it here:) Ok So the next picture is of us on Sunday March 2, 2003 repacking the vans to leave for Mexico:)

Ok here are some pics from after we ate at the outback...some REALLY nice Phoneix sun set pic:)

So after finally packing the last bag, we head off to breakfast...MCDonalds:) yay!!! FRUIT AND YOGURT PARFAIT!!!! Ok so here are some pics that were taken outside McDonalds....I am not responsible for what you are about to view...heeeheee

This is our FEARLESS leader:) LOVE YOU SCOTT:)

Keith,Pastor Martin,James, and Chris:) THE BOYS!!!:)

After we ate and had devotion, we finally hit the road for Mexico!!! WAHOOO!!! Well we were only like 5 mins from Customs so here we had to present our passports and birth certificates and get our visa thingys...ok so that took like 30 mins. Then we get into the vans and head out to Empalme:) YAY YAY YAY FINALLY!!!! Ok so following this are pictures of the land we saw while driving...and driving...and driving what seemed like for 3 years...OK here you go:)

Kelly is teaching Chris how to shag...I think maybe it was waltz...I dont remember..but it was a cute picture none the less;)

Josh hoisting Nicole over his shoulder....

Ok so I didn't get out of the van cause I was tired and Kelly was sitting with me and here comes Josh bomb diving into the van:)

OK so I dunno the story behind this but I do know we like random pictures:) and this one was probably taken because Caleb was probably talking about the rock and everyone wanted a picture with it...Good thing for the finally became famous:)

OK so there are ALOT of other cool land pics...I Iwill be happy to place 'em here when I get them:) Alright so we drove forever and finally got into Emplame about 4:30ish. We stayed at a missionaries house down there and she was awesome:) (WE LOVE YOU JUNE)!!!! Her house was very nice. Most of the houses down there did not have concrete floors, rather floor made of dirt,her house had concrete;) THere was a huge room to the right of her kitchen that was set up with a sheet in the middle where we would sleep. We did a little rearranging to accomadate the massive amount of girls compared to boys, and stole their bunk beds:) Keith, James, Chris, and Nick decided they would like to sleep outside in June's bacyard.

This is where they slept:)

So then when we were finished setting up our living area;) It was time to go to church:) YAY!!! So it was really awesome because the people of the church believe in praying out loud with the pastor, but they pray their own prayer out loud while the pastor prays his own. They also believe strongly in the laying of hands and we were blessed to have our Mexican brothers and sisters lay hands on us and pray for us. This was a little unusual for some of us but it was really cool:) We also sang for them and Scott had wrote and taught two songs for us, here they are:
Allegreea in Heyzoos
Allegreea in Heyzoos
Allegreea in Heyzoos
Allegreea in Heyzoos in mi corizon:)
This means Happiness(?) in Jesus and then Happiness in Jesus in my heart. We also sang Peace (paz),Esperanza(I think joy...this was my favorite:), and one other...I forgot it though....booo on goes the other song:)

Eres mi rae, Solamentae,
Eres mi rae, solamentae,
Rae nah solo,
Rae nah solo
Alelluiah, alelluiah, alelluaih, alelluiah
Rae de paz
Rae de paz
UGH I forget the meaning and rest of the song at this like pics they will be posted later:) sorry...

But we also sang Open the Eyes of my heart with them:) It was cool. After service we went to dinner and ate cheese quesadillas:) MMMM MMM GOOD!!! After dinner we went back to June's and learned about scorpions, spiders, and electric showers...I hope someone else would like to tell the story of Ms. Vickie wanting to kill scorpions because I don't remember much of it...
Monday March 3, 2003
We wake up at like 6am...well some of us do:) and get ready and go back to the church for breakfast. At breakfast we were introduced to "Choco Krispies and Choco Flakes":) I was soooo hyper every day;) Well after breakfast Caitlin did a devotion on putting on the armor of God and used construction stuff like the tool belt, our tye die shirt, a hat, gloves,etc. and I thought it was really cool. Then we split up into work teams. We were to help build walls to the classrooms, pack the foundation for the fellowship hall, fix the interior of the parsonage,and do something to the front of the church, I think they wanted an awning but then we were assigned to repaint it...Anyways here are before pictures of our assignments and also pictures of our workweeks:)I am going to lump these together and as they fall in place fill you in on stories if there are any I remember:)I want the rest of the "family" to help me with stories and I will put them up here too:)I know there are alot:)

The family after breakfast


The church before we started working

Kelly painting:)


Chris, Nic and Keith
Melissa and Stephanie

The level of the walls before we began work

Jennifer and Lyndsay working on the walls:)

Caleb and Amy, what a great picture:)

Chris "working"on the wall:)

Peekaboo! Keith! Nice try hiding!

This is our worksite from the mountain top:)The top right shows the classrooms, to the lefthand side you can see the fellowship hall, and at the bottom next to the fellowship hall is the parsonage, and of course the church is in front of the classrooms.

Here are some pictures of the cooks, pastor, and PONCHITO!!!



________, Ponchito, and Pastor Antonio

James and Pastor Martin

I have no idea what was goin on here:) But I bet it was funny:)


Ponchito:) His job was to water the dirt. Because of all the sand in Empalme it is very important for the dirt to be watered. So many people suffer from respiratory problems because of all the dust that blows up. Watering the dirt packs it down and prevents as much dust being blown around as possible:)

Everyday after working, about 6-8 people would lead the children in VBS! It was so cool, I have never ever seen children go gaga over coloring sheets and "crayolas" as they did:) The children in Mexico were so awesome!!! They were willing to pick up and lend a hand in everything we did just because they wanted to be around us and receive our attention. It was great!!!

~*~*~*~*~THE KIDS~*~*~*~*~


Ok so there was this"mountain" right behind the church and all the kids climbed up the "mountain" in like 2.5 seconds without any effort while the rest of us take like 10 minutes. Anyways we did have a incident in which Andy tumbled down and dislocated his arm...I only climbed 3/4 the are some mountain pics:)

Kelly Conqueror of the Mountain:)

The lone cactus on the mountain



Stephanie, Amy, and Crystal found a "snake hole"

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