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Scene: The thick guitar lick comes growling in over the arena's PA system as Brock Lesnar walks out to a loud chorus of boos.  His physique, as always, looks impressively chiseled underneath the dim lights.  He looks down, slowly bobbing his head to Sevendust's Enemy as the music begins to kick in louder now.  Lajon, the lead singer screams "STEP UP TO ME, STEP UP TO ME, YOU WANNA BIG A BIG TIME PLAYER?  IT'S NOT TO BE!" and Brock roars, throwing both his fists foward in unison, then slamming them back into his chest.  Simultaneously, a huge shower of white pyro explodes, and then comes raining down upon him.  He stands there, breathing heavily staring intently at the ring (appropriately, the song has reached a more mellow part).  Finally, Brock grins his dastardly, cocky grin, and walks down the ramp way, most fans are cheering loudly in awe at the impressive and elaborate entrance, some are even cheering at the display.  Brock hops up onto the apron as normal, however, no pyro shoots out from the ring posts.  He slowly in climbs and signals for a mic, promptly being tossed one.

Brock "The Next Big Thing" Lesnar: UNDERTAKER.  Heh... I've been spending a LOT of time thinking about you pal!  Do you realize what you did to me at our match in Retribution two weeks ago?  You nearly RUINED the career of the best wrestler ever in the WWFX!  Yeah, you beat me Taker, but you know what?  You didn't earn my respect that way.  YOU EARNED MY HATRED.  When I was lying on my back, hurt, after Retribution, after the cameras went off the air... all I did was think.  What's the matter with Brock Lesnar?  Why can't I put away a guy who should be in a museum, not in a ring?  And then it came to me.  It came to me, Undertaker, as the doctors were doing X-Rays on my back because they thought I needed surgery.  I am fury... unleashed.  But the problem with that is, I'm uncontrolled.  BUT NO MORE... HA HA HA HA... NO MORE OF THAT!  From now on, EVERYONE (Brock points a finger out to the crowd and moves in a circle) is going to see a NEW Brock Lesnar.  A calmer Brock Lesnar.  A more calculating Brock Lesnar.  I'm saving everything inside me until it burns so bad, until I have so much pent up frustration and rage,  that I can't do anything but take back the the WWFX Title, and get revenge on you.  See, Undertaker, by pulling the stunt you did... you've done nothing but forced my re-birth.  You might as well call me Jesus Christ.  I mean, he made water into wine, and I'm going to turn your career into an afterthought.  That's right Dead Man... your boots will be hung up by ME.

Scene: Lesnar cackles as the heat is so great, you'd think we were in Florida.

Brock "The Next Big Thing" Lesnar: What?!  You guys don't like my jokes?!  I'M FUNNY!  You'll all be laughing when Shannon Moore comes out here, thinking he has a chance against ME!  I mean, Brock Lesnar is the greatest thing ever... there isn't anybody who can match up to my technical wrestling skill, and STILL keep up with my ability to POUND your ass into submission!  I'm in the main event for Unforgiven, and who's this Moore kid?  Someone in the X Division?  The X Division?!  I mean, COME ON, this match is going to be a joke!  You know, Shannon... if I actually gave a damn, I'd feel sorry for you.  You don't know what's coming.  You hear about the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar, but the reality of it all, is that I am already THE.  BIG.  THING.  Haha!  There's no doubt about it, as far as pure wrestling ability, no one, NO ONE can light a FUCKING CANDLE to me!  Former NCAA Champ, not even Kurt Angle can claim that one. (Brock twitches as he says Kurt's name) ... Shannon, I'm not going to be like the rest of the cocky bastards out here, and tell you not to show up, because I'm not some old ass veteran afraid to be shown up by a chump.  I want you, no, I'M BEGGING YOU to do whatever it takes to get the upper hand on me at Retribution, because then, everyone in that Elimination Chamber will see just what they're up against.  And I'm not afraid of ANYTHING... NO ONE CAN TAKE BROCK LESNAR DOWN!  I don't care WHO's in there, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, two of the oldest jackasses in the business, consider Unforgiven your retirement show.  TRIPLE H!?  The Game?!  Well Game, HERE COMES THE PAIN, BITCH!  How much can you take?  Well?!  WELL?!  CAN YOU HANDLE THE UNLEASHED FURY!?  CAN YOU STAND UP TO WHAT I CAN DISH OUT?!  Yeah, I know, I know, you're a thinking man... that's why I'm not trying to outsmart you... I'M JUST GOING TO BRING IT RIGHT TO YOU, MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER HANDLE!  I'm going to F-5 your ass so hard, STEPHANIE will feel it in the back!  Well... then again, Stephanie's used to feeling it in back, isn't she?  Angle used to tell me about that little fetish of hers... HEHEHE... Chris Jericho!  The King of the World?  WELL I'M KING BROCK, MOTHERFUCKER!  I RULE THIS RING, AND NO ONE WILL EVER STOP ME FROM DOING THAT AGAIN!  So who's left?  Kane.  Kane, I like your style, buddy.  You know, just like you, no one's understood me.  I mean, sure, I'm not some FREAK, but, everyone knew I was too good for them, so the shunned me, they always tried to hold me down.  They hated me.  So what did I do?  RIP THEM TO SHREDS.  Kinda like you... pal.  I mean... I feel the same as you do... all the time... people are always PISSING ME OFF... and then... and then... well... I HAVE TO HURT THEM.

Scene: Lesnar rolls out of the ring, walking over to a camera man and knocks the expensive equipment off the man's shoulder.  The cameraman looks as if Satan himself just came down, and Brock cackles while staring him down.  The cameraman tries to run, but Brock grabs him by the shirt collar, pulling back hard, and forcing the WWFX employee to land flat on his back.  Brock rears back and looks as if he's going to assault the man... but suddenly, the intense look in his eyes is gone.  He stares into the crowd, all the fans are of course booing him for his dastardly actions, and Lesnar has the audacity to smile.  He rolls back into the ring, picking up the mic he dropped.

Brock "The Next Big Thing" Lesnar: Hah!  I told you I was smarter than I was before... the Monster... has... control!   I'm not wasting ANY of my energy on that punk or any other punk for that matter... no no no... Shannon Moore... all this rage that's inside of me... I'M SAVING IT FOR YOU!  HERE COMES THE PAIN, SHANNON!

Scene: Enemy comes back on as the camera focuses right on Lesnar's face, the man is laughing his ass off, knowing what's coming for all his future opponents.  And that my friends, is pain.  Lots of it.  The Next Big Thing is now Frankenstein with a brain, and that, quite frankly, is a very, VERY scary prospect.

Felt The Pain : Coming Soon!

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