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..::Feeling The current mood of at
..::Nickname: Ika
..::Aspirations: To be a Fashion Designer and a writer..
..::Is: Funky, Crazy, Unique, Cute, Trendsetter
..::Isn't afraid to: Hit you..
..::Colors: Blue, Pink, Black
..::Clothes: Guess, UB, Esprit..
..::Wants: Diesel clothes
..::Sports: Soccer..
..::Team: Arsenal
..::Athlete: Freddie Ljungberg, Pires, Steve Nash..
..::Actor: Matt Damon, Josh Hartnet, Orlando Bloom, James Franco
..::TV Show: Alias, Simpsons, Fastlane.. ..::Book: HP, LOTR
..::Music: No Doubt, Linkin Park, JLO..
..::Smells Like: Tommy Girl and Candies, Juicy Fruit Red
..::Tastes Like: Mocha Cap, Cherries, Juicy Fruit..
..::Thinks: Sark is cute..

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