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Se Vende (For Sale) - $850,000 US

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- Between Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias -

Contact Veronica Fernandez F.

01 55 529 54573 / cel: 01 55 540 06312


Imagine awakening each morning to the exotic sounds of myriad tropical birds and the gentle rustling of palm fronds in the breeze. If the surf is up, you hear the waves on the beach.

You sip your coffee, look out your window and see flocks of bright green parrots wheeling through the forest; your heated pool sparkles invitingly, suggesting a morning swim, and beyond, you see the canal and estuary system, lined with tall, over-arching trees and groves of bamboo, winding to the marina and the sea.

This is the timeless appeal of life at Villa Oasis, one of the most massive and well-built homes in one of the most exquisite neighborhoods on the west coast of Mexico - Nuevo Vallarta, between Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias.

Villa Oasis is a successful melding of rusticity and elegance; a successful blend of the traditional with all the modern comforts and touches practicality demands.

Villa Oasis

The large, well-equipped, (and air-conditioned) gourmet kitchen features beautiful, locally-crafted cabinetry, a heavy duty four-burner gas cooktop in the island, and a San Son professional gas oven. Large stainless steel double sink. The kitchen has a pantry and wine storage area, and is conveniently adjacent to an ample, all-tiled barbecue and outdoor grill area as well.


These superb food-preparation and serving areas are, as you will see, just two of the many features that make Villa Oasis extremely well-suited to B&B operation. In fact, the present owner, a gourmet cook, planned many aspects of the home with a future B&B in mind.

Step-down into the living area.

Beyond the entry is the step-down to the spacious living and dining area, cheerful and sunny thanks to large windows which overlook a covered terrace and the pool and canals.

Dining area.

Newly finished pool and pool house, with all new pump, heating and filtration equipment.

There is a total of seven bedrooms and six bathrooms in Villa Oasis. The main house has 4 large bedrooms on the second level, two with private baths and private walk-in closets, and two with a shared bath and shared closet. All baths are intricately finished in hand-painted Talavera tile.

There are two more bedrooms, and one bath, in the servants' quarters, and another bedroom and bath in the attached bungalow.

There is a link to many MORE PHOTOS at the bottom of this page. (Bedrooms, baths, outdoor grill area, bungalow, and more exterior shots.)

There is also a link below to photos of the Nuevo Vallarta Beach and beach club area.

Villa Oasis is in immaculate, superb condition. Total construction (not including garage, pool and outdoor grill area) is 550 sq. meters, or 5,995 sq. feet.

There is a link below to the DATA PAGE, with a complete and comprehensive list of all pertinent info. (Square footage, lot size and dimensions, property taxes, canal frontage, Nuevo Vallarta maintenance fees, average utility bills, etc.)

* * * *

Approaching Villa Oasis


Nuevo Vallarta (located 15 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport) is one of the most appealing tropical areas imaginable. The amenities and quality of life are world class.

Typical Nuevo Vallarta street.

Designed with ecological preservation in mind, large tropical trees and immaculate landscaping give the area a lush, shaded feeling. Navigable canals (crossed by picturesque arched bridges) wind through the neighborhoods, and a private dock is an option for homes with frontage on the canal (such as Villa Oasis).

Villa Oasis looks out over this especially appealing, "Y" shaped juncture of two canals. The canals accessing Villa Oasis have a low-tide minimum depth of approximately 6 feet, providing excellently-protected access and dockage for even mid-sized boats.

There is a new, modern marina with yacht club; two 18 hole golf courses in the immediate neighborhood; a variety of tennis courts, including Nuevo Vallarta's own; a modern shopping mall; many fine restaurants; a modern supermarket; a water slide amusement park; and, of course, the beach is just a shady, short walk, or five-minute drive away.

Overlooking the Nuevo Vallarta beach area, from in front of the Nuevo Clubhouse.

* * * *


Click here to see MORE HOUSE PHOTOS, including bedrooms, baths, bedroom views, outdoor grill area, bungalow, and more exterior shots.


Click here for more photos of the beautiful, wide NUEVO VALLARTA BEACH, and beach club area.


Click here to go to the DATA PAGE, for a complete and comprehensive list of all pertinent data. (Square footage, lot size and dimensions, property taxes, canal frontage, Nuevo Vallarta maintenance fees, average utility bills, etc.)


Click here to go to the LEGAL PAGE, for an explanation of the purchase and closing process for foreign buyers.

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For more information contact Veronica Fernandez F. at:, or phone (from the US or Canada) 01 55 529 54573, or (cellular) 01 55 540 06312

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