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Like most of us, the members of Notary Sojac have moved on from the days of musical glory and the pressures of fame to pursuits less in the public light. Here is your chance for a glimpse into the worlds which they now inhabit.


Jim Lowry's current musical adventure is an ambient world jazz trio called Jacapito! The group consists of Jim Lowry (fretless bass, vocals, percussion), David Weiss (nylon-string guitar, vocals, percussion), and Nathan Matson (drums, percussion). Jacapito! incorporates a fearless spirit of improvisation and exotic percussion-driven grooves using the instruments of their musical heroes, Jaco Pastorius (bass guitar), Paco de Lucia (acoustic nylon string guitar), and Tito Puente (hand drums). This unique blend of instruments and musical styles gives the group a refreshing sense of adventure by fusing elements of world music with rock, pop, funk, jazz, ambient improvisations, and dance rhythms. Click here for more information.

In addition to his work with Jacapito!, Jim has played and recorded in Europe and now works in Music Therapy. A good overall view of his accomplishments can be found here .


"Stranded in time, way past my prime, I know that I will always love you. I keep ridin' on, 'til all my time has gone, there's nothing else I can do."---Tom McMeekan from Red & Gray's Rattlesnake Station.

Tom McMeekan's current band, Red & Gray, is based in Boise, Idaho, his hometown and that of three other original members of Notary Sojac. The band has released three CDs and has a website as well, click here, where you can see pictures of the group--- don't expect Tom's white-boy Afro from the '70s, but he's still the thin rocker.

Red & Gray is a trio not easily nailed down to one genre of music. Their first CD, Under the Gun, is essentially an acoustic session with folk and blues dominant. Highway 52 (2002), though, kicks it into high gear with the opening riff of Tom's "Rattlesnake Station". Electrified in more ways than one, this one rocks. About half the songs are Tom's and, moreso than on the first CD, showcase his growth over the years as a lyricist, guitarist and vocalist. The other members add their own well written songs, excellent harmonies, and cohesiveness to the effort. Along the way, the band shows elements of country, folk, soul, early rock & roll and blues--- lots of variety.

The latest release, No More Yesterdays (2004), begins with one of Tom's most evocative and intriguing songs, "Gut Shot Cat", and features an amazing understated and soulful vocal by him on the title track which just bleeds. More variety and excellent songwriting from all involved, again.

Tom is currently working on his first solo CD, which will hopefully be released later this year.

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