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**************************************************************************** Here's a little bit about myself-:- I live in Suffield, Ohio...I'm 15 years old , about 5'8", with long brown hair, and brown eyes. As of now i am SiNgLe :) but got my eye on someone!(i miss ya baby)....Hopefully We'll HoOk Up SooN:-) (u know who u are) **************************************************************************** My Hobbies: I LOVE 2 play sportS!! My Fav. is Volleyball(#17)!(J.o.#21 *Go PvC! i know we'll do good this year!!).... i also play Softball(#24) and Basketball(#2)! & I SnOwBoArd 2 :).... and play raquetball with my DaD!(its fun!).... i like to go 2 the movies... parties, basketball games, SHOPPING, and hang out w/ my friends! *And I'd like to say hey 2 all my friends!* i LoVe Ya ALL :) **************************************************************************** *Quotes* "Everyone says 2 give up on u but they dont see u as i do~You're the one that broke my heart~Ur the reason my world fell apart~Ur the one who made me cry~Yet i'm still in Love with u and i dont know why!" ..................... "Some of the best things in life are missed because someone was afraid to take the chance"

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