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These were sent by Misty showing her visit with NFMTS when they went to the Orange County
concert. I believe the picture session took place between Dec 5 and Dec 8.

NFMTS, 12th of Never, MSOFM and Misty1937 at dinner on the Queen Mary

NFMTS reading Misty's Mathis Album

12th of Never and NFMTS with her favorite little poster of Johnny

Morning Side of the Mountain, TCS, 12th of Never and NotForMeToSay - who is wearing one
of John's sweaters, in fact, one that he wore in one of the scenes from his Christmas video

NotForMeToSay and Morning Side of the Mountain doing dishes

Beautiful tree on the Queen Mary

Misty1937 and painting of John

Misty1937 on John's famous stool

Misty with poster of John

Morning Side with the painting of John

Morning Side of the Mountain on John's stool