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Hey Luckym

Hey Luckym!

I created a page for you... I think I am more understandable here!!
Pls Try it.. If you cannot do it, I will not forgive myself due to my english...:(


1-) Take your mouse and hold it on the picture!!! Like this ---->



2-) Click RIGHT (mouse) when your mouse on the picture. And you will see this ---->

Click on PROPERTIES!!!!!!!!!!! It must be on the last line..



3-) After you ve clicked on Properties, you will see this page..



4-) Highlight the ADDRESS with your mouse..



5-) As you see above.. Copy it..

How to copy?? (Click RIGHT when your mouse is on "Hightlighted Address".. And you will see COPY. Click on it.. Above, it is "Kopyala" coz i use Turkish Windows..


6-) Go to Reply Page of Ultimatecapper..  Read below.. Find IMG..



7-)When you click on IMG, this window is opened!!!



8-) You remember that WE COPIED THE ADDRESS!!!!!! Now, you will PASTE IT here!!!! In the blank!!
Just click RIGHT when your mouse on the blank!And you will see PASTE ( yapistir = paste ).. And Paste it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



9-) After Step 8, you will see this. Because you ve pasted the ADDRESS(Url) inside the blank!!

Click OK( Tamam = OK)


10-) After you clicked on OK (Tamam), Your page will be like this.. And post it!!!!!



Hmmm.. I hope you got it.. If not, I will create a better page to make it more understandable!!

Via this way, you can PUT any picture you want. Any animation / picture.. Dancing girl / boy and more..

Provided by Turkish Terror, Servet Cihan..


Copyright 2004 The Turkish Terror - Servet Cihan, All rights reserved....;)