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Welcome to Beautiful Life <3
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Welcome to Beautiful Life v.3.0 <3 I've completely reinvented my site! This is now a place for me to show my true passions, human and animal rights :o)

This page is dedicated to the protection of rights for both humans and animals. For information on human rights, visit the link to Amnesty International. For information on animal rights, vist the Peta2 link. They're both FULL of information and ways to get involved. I suggest joining Peta2's street team to earn and use points towards cool stuff. If you do sign up, please use me as your reference; they'll ask for my e-mail address which is: Thank you so much for your support, people and animals all over the world are thanking you :o)

I became interested in human rights after a report I was assigned on FGM. For those of you unfamiliar with FGM, it stands for female genital mutilation. When I first started reading about FGM I decided that I was going to take a zero on the assignment because I just couldn't handle it. However, I realized that if I can't handle it, there's no way the woman who face this every day could, either. To learn more, visit Amnesty's website.

I decided to become a vegetarian shortly after watching Peta's video "Meet Your Meat". If you are unfamiliar with this video, I would suggest it. Visit the Peta2 website or MySpace Vegans to view it. It is a heart wrenching but very truthful video. Society has been hiding this from you all your life; question authority and learn the truth. Many thanks to Nyk Zukowski who has guided me throughout my vegetarian journey. Hopefully soon, I will be able to go all vegan. I honestly do love you <3