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FrIeNds ThAt I aDmIrE mOSt........

rOsElyn--------- she is the kind of friend that understands me in whatever problems i have 
		encountered in my life.Eventhough we have different likes in life,I am very 
		much contented to her as a friend..Thanks for being there and I hope that 
		you will not change.
hEidI---------- she is also a friend of mine that easily get cry when there's something wrong.
		I admit that i am not a perfect friend to them but the only thing i can have is
		being a true friend.
fArraH--------- my friend during high school life,one thing i will never forget about her is being a 
		funny and nice person.She always makes me happy,we used to hang each other in their
		house and in my house too.