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This is to record all the things which worth to be remembered!!


6/30/03: Today is a wonderful day for me. I thought a lot for my future life. I need to have a better plan for my study. The very first goal should be passing all the qualifying exams as soon as possible. I am thinking of taking the Analysis qualifying exam as well. But Iíll have to learn all those necessary knowledge in period of time.I will try. I need to make a good schedule. I will think of it tonight. Hopefully, I will have made it tomorrow morning. I need to consolidate my analysis knowledge in this summer. This becomes my goal in the summer. I want to memorize all those things in 201, 301, 202A. And learn the complex analysis at graduate level. At night, I will read algebraic geometry for leisure. I hope I can achieve this goal. The most important thing is to be confident and have a good planning.