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Lil' Ricey's Page

My plans:

Good Sites 2 Go 2 Own your own Virtual pet ;) VERY entertaining
Square Source-- Games+Anime+Everyting chat forum

Hey ya'll, I'm Ricye and welcome to my site! Right now it is MAJORLY under construction so I'll be adding stuff slowly and probly with the help of friends ^_^ For now I'll just put in those funny quiz answer things and sutff so yeah.

Which Final Fantasy Girl are you?
I liked that one. Quistis is my fave anyways... For the FF7 character I'm Celes. Pfft I've never played the game so I dunno who she is. Okay. I'll go to and take all those quizzes. I've taken them before but I'll put them in here too, hehehe. Sparkstats: * I'm 89% Pure (last time is was 92%....) * I'm 75% "in love" * I'm 85% Compatable Yeah well forget that I'm tired. ~good nite~