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As a young child Zev failed to meet her parents' expectations, and so was turned over  to the Wife Bank to be raised in a Skinner Box. Once trained to please a man she was given as a wife to a boy she had never seen before.  Her potential husband insulted her by calling her a cow, and she retaliated by punching him out. She was convicted of humiliating her husband in the Temple and sentenced to be a love slave.

Zev's love slave transformation changed her physically and biologically.  An accident incorporated part of a Cluster Lizard into her new biology, and she was changed into something never seen before.  She falls in love with Kai at first sight, and for the remainder of the series she wants the walking dead man whom she can never have.

Zev undergoes other changes and becomes someone completely different in appearance. She still has great beauty, and the same passionate love for Kai.  She still has a hyper libido, and she searches for men who can satisfy her desires.  She cannot have Kai because he is dead and non-functioning, and she will not have Stanley Tweedle because he doesn't attract her.    



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