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KaiThe Time Prophet predicted that Kai, would be the last of his entire race to be destroyed by His Divine Shadow.  Kai was the last to die in a kamikaze attack against the forces of His Shadow.  His Shadow, an evil ruler, had destroyed Kai's planet.  He punished Kai by reanimating his corpse as an undead Divine Assassin.


Kai, last of the Brunnen-G


Brunnis 2, home of the Brunnen-G



His Shadow stole Kai's memories.  Kai became a mindless creature, only able to carry out His Shadow's orders while animated by protoblood.  For 2,004 years Kai assassinated countless numbers of people.




SeSent by His Shadow to retrieve the Lexx, Kai accidentally regains his memories, and becomes aware of himself again.  He turns against His Shadow and the Divine Order, and remembers the Prophecy once again.




WWill the Prophecy be fulfilled?  Will Kai, last of the Brunnen-G, bring an end to the Divine Order?  Is the Prophecy false, or will the evil His Shadow truly bring an end to the last of the Brunnen-G? 





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