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                            My name is Mayra Ortiz. I am 15 years old. I am from Dallas TX. I was born in the parkland hospital on august the 18, 1988. The family members that are important to me are my mom, my dad, my lil brother, and my little sister. The friends that are important to me are Vicky, veronica f., veronica p., Rebecca, olga, laura, cindy, Annette, carlos, gilbert, alfredo, alea, Melissa, rianna, rosa, Erika, leslie, Brenda, karina, lannette, kacey, nancy, Sandra, Priscilla, briselda, gracie. They are all important friends because they care for me and show their friendship towards me.

           I am as of now a sophomore student at W.T White high school. When I get home from school I always go check my phone to see who has called me, then I go eat, after I eat I go clean up my room and start doing my homework. At around 8:30 or 9:00 I start talking on the phone with my friends or get online and chat with them. One of my favorite things to do is to go to the mall a lot and look for cute clothes. I do not work and if I did work I would like to work in Gadzooks it is a clothes store that they have at the mall for girls only. The things that are important in my life now is school. School is very important to me now because I want to get really good grades and to graduate with high honors and I want to be something in life. Also my family is very important to me because without them I would be nothing and they always help me thru whatever I need help on and they are always there when I need them.

        How I see my future is to graduate from W.T White with high honors and to get a scholarship to a law college. I want to go to college and I am going to graduate from college with my law degree. I would want to go to SMU . As my career I want to become a lawyer or a business accountant I am very interested in these careers because I have always like the way these type of people act and how they deal with people. This is my life and how its going to end up in the future.