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All About Me

Hey everyone! Glad you came here! My parents are taking me to Mexico for a weekend next month for my birthday (January 27th....mark your calendar!) which I am totally excited about. I had a great Christmas and I got some cool stuff. I have been super busy with school, and just came back from vacation in Florida. It was great...I got to pet a panther and hold an alligator, and I also got to EAT alligator. It tastes like...well, chicken. Really. What am I forgetting? Oh! Exciting news: Our dog ran away while we were gone (he gets lonely and wanders off), but we just found him at the pound! Kewlness, huh? I am also going to take driver's ed soon, which is awesome! Sign my guestbook and visit my links!

Hugs and Kisses, Laine Alise

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