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"The more you hate on sumthin, the stronger it gets. So thank you for makin us so strong" - Carlos Coy, better known as South Park Mexican a.k.a. SPM

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wow i see i am a little late on updates...happy 18th b-day to my girl Shay (2.5.05), happy valentine's day to all tha lovers out there

i will miss my baby (2.14.05)


happy 18th b-day 2 my homegirl baby thug! (1.20.05)... 1 pic added so hurry n go look


i added like 4 more pics to the gallery...i advise you to look at them =P


the pics i added yesterday, i fixed them so the color is better...and i added 2 more pics

1.4.05 happy 2005 everyone! i hope yall had as good of a new years/christmas as i did! pictures have been added to the gallery...happy birthday jamie n jaz, happy birthday trina (12.24.04)
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