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* About Leti *

if you don't kno me, too bad, thas a shame. cuz ere body should kno leti! well if ya don't know me, here sum shit about me that you should kno:

Name Leti
Age 17
D.O.B. 6-23-87
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Long
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'7"
Weight 135
Grade 12
If in school, where do you attend? booty ass Whitmer
Employed? Yes
If so, where? Rite Aid, lmao


Actor Denzel Washington
Actress Halle Berry
Movie Training Day/American History X
Color Pink and Blue
Number 28
Sport Football
Hobby Pool (real and yahoo)
Clothes South Pole
Shoes Timberlands
Drink Mountain Dew
Alcoholic Drink Remy Martin
Food i jus love food period
CD Lil' Jon's shit
Musician good question? T.I., SPM, Eminem, Lil' Jon
Song Stomp by Young Buck, and Bitch by Lil' Jon
TV Channel BET/MTV2
Cartoon SpongeBob and Pink Panther
Animal Dogs
Symbol 8 Ball
Item my pool stick lol