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Family Photos

Howdy! Welcome to our Picture Page! This is where I will be displaying new family photos on a regular basis. The twins are changing everyday, and Sam is now a toddler...when did that happen? I hope that seeing photos of the boys growing & enjoying life blesses you in some small way. They are amazing children and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for blessing me with such wonderful children. It amazes me that they are such individuals, each with their own ideas, thoughts, personalities. Here's dem boys!

A great photo...Jonah didn't see it coming!

The boys in their costumes!

Poor Sam, getting his first haircut! Oct. 29, 2006

The Twins In Their Snowsuits

The boys are excited about the new snow on the ground. The day before Thanksgiving, we got about 5 inches of snow. As soon as the boys got off of the school bus, Daniel threw a snowball at me. They lasted about an hour inside the house before the REALLY NEEDED to be out in the snow to play! This is them getting ready to go outside!

This is all three of the crazies together. Daniel REALLY wanted Sam to wear the "Daniel Boone" hat to church...

This is the boys in their classroom at school. They are singing Christmas songs for parents at their class Christmas party. It was SO cute!

Sweet Sammy

Sweet Sammy...He is now 5 months old!!! This is Sam watching football with "the guys" on Thanksgiving... what a life!!!

This is a typical Sammy photo! He is always smiling and happy! He gets a big kick out of his brothers, who always have something goofy to say to him!!!

The Silly Boys

Isn't this what Christmas is all about?

These are the candy dishes that the twins made for Momma & Daddy in art. They are SO sweet and the boys are SO proud of them!

Sam decided he wanted to help Momma make meatloaf on the day after Christmas....What a good helper.