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Jonah's Little Corner of The Web

Welcome to Jonah's little corner of the web!

Jonah, as you are about to see, is one heck of a cutie~pie! Jonah has an active imagination. He loves playing with trucks, learning about animals, doing puzzles and building things. Jonah likes pretending with his stuffed animals. He also loves those brothers of his!!!

Some of Jonah's favorite foods: macaroni & cheese, cheese, apple juice, fruit snacks, crunchies (anything crunchy (YAY...he really IS my kid...sweet and crunchy!)...croutons, popcorn, granola, sunflower seeds), hot chocolate, apples, eggs, mashed potatoes, he loves veggies. We were at the Farmers Market last summer and he asked for asparagus...hee hee, only my kid! As you can tell, he's a good eater. He's not one to shy away from trying anything. He's eaten octopus and sushi, he loves shrimp and crab legs and anything "Papa" is eating is fair game - which is how he had octopus to begin with.

Isn't He SWEET?

Jonah is a crazy kid! He takes great joy in doing things that give his mom and dad near-fatal heart attacks. Because of his health conditions, falling, nose-diving into permanent structures, bloody lips, bloody noses, stitches...ANYTHING is possible with this one!!! Jonah jumped off the back of the couch and broke his foot (!!!) in October. He is finally not limping, after recovering from getting his cast off! What a kid!

Jonah & Daniel got Jeep Power Wheels for Christmas from Santa. He is very excited for Spring to get here so that he can be outside more, on his new "ride".

All The Boys

Jonah has a wicked little sense of humor. (I wonder where he gets that from!?!?!) He is more than a little bossy and he knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it. (Is this stuff GENETIC?!?!)
Jonah knows how to cause trouble wherever he goes. He comes up with some of the most off the wall things...and he picks up EVERYTHING that is said around him. He is the twin who starts almost everything. He leads Daniel and eggs him on to do things that he wouldn't do (or even think of) without Jonah's "help". Oh, what a dynamic duo!

The Boys Together

Jonah is a great kid. He's smart. He's incredibly funny. He's a little bit bossy. He's strong and determined. He's more than a little stubborn.

Jonah's not doing quite as well as he was when he began taking the Leucovorin. I am going to get more serious about giving him BOTH injections every single day. The injections are very traumatic for him and so I often would just do one a day, or play with an every other day schedule. Since his last EEG (from December of 2005) came back so abnormal, we are going to just have to go back to the twice daily regimen of injections. If anyone has any ideas on little ones coping with injections (with this frequency), please email me with your thoughts. Thanks!