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All About Daniel

Welcome to Daniel's Page! I will be posting new photos of Daniel, as well as "classics", health information on Daniel's condition and all things Daniel here!

Daniel has a lot of favorite things! He LOVES macaroni & cheese. Snakes (spaghetti & the animal) are also high up on the list. Daniel isn't one to pass up grapes, bananas (I think he has turned INTO a monkey, & he'll make the sounds to prove it!) or a candy cane. One of his favorite things is to sit on Mommy's lap, reading a book (about animals) and sipping hot chocolate. Does this kid know how to live or what?!?!

Daniel has a VERY active imagination. He loves watching movies, swimming and playing "armies" with Jonah. He loves his baby brother Sam very much, and enjoys making the baby laugh. Daniel showers Sam with kisses and hugs and will go to great lengths to be extra-silly to make Sam happy. An aside, we did name the baby Sam instead of Daniel's prefered names (Scooby Doo and Nemo were his choices).

Daniel is such a lovey! He is an amazing little boy and his laugh and his kisses and hugs can make the worst day's worries melt away. Daniel is extremely sensitive, but is beginning to find his voice. Jonah is pretty bossy (I have NO IDEA where THAT came from!) and Daniel is starting to tell Jonah "no" on some occasions. Generally, he just does what Jonah tells him to do...but his independence is emerging!

Daniel is now 6 years old! He is seizure free now, only having seizures when he has a viral illness. He's doing awesome...looking forward to homeschooling and moving to the farm! Here's a photo of Daniel, with Jonah and our new puppy, Shiloh:

Here's a photo of Daniel, just after he lost his first tooth!!!

My Three Sons!

Daniel enjoys playing with Jonah & Sam. He is a bit of an introvert, but around here, that won't last forever!

What a Cutie!

This is a "classic" Daniel picture. Daniel has a quiet presence, he takes a lot of things in. That's not to say he's a quiet kid all the time, but he makes his presence known and is content in his world.

Despite all of the fear that we had at the beginning of our journey with Pyridoxine Dependency, all of the seizures and heartache, Daniel is perfect. He is happy, healthy and a shining example to people of all ages who are living with Epilepsy. And, even though he is only 5 years old, I couldn't be more proud of his strength and his wonderful accomplishments.

The Boys with Santa

Daniel loves his family. He is always asking to color a picture for someone! Daniel is a sweet, sweet boy. He has overcome so much in his 4 years. He is a fighter. He has angels. And, we know that God's hand is on him. Daniel is going to grow up to become the person he is meant to be. Nothing can stop that! He is LIVING with Epilepsy. He is THRIVING despite his diagnosis. Keep the faith. Keep hoping. Good things WILL happen. Here's one little boy as proof!