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What Had Happend

Nick Johnson-Jeff Langlois-Spencer Johnson-Mckenzie Johnson

Day 1: We just arived. Got set up in our cabins. Watched Macniel demonstration in the indoor street course.

Day 2: We had our first class and got used to the parks.

Day 3: We had our class at the outdoor halfpipe spine where we learned how to footplant over.

Day 4: We did had class where Spencer footplanted over the big spine in the indoor street course which I thought was realy good because he didn't hold back on anything and not taking the time to think about falling, plus the spine was shorter on one side so it was different. Spencer was also doing getting very smooth and long double peg grinds so it looked to me like that was a good day for him. We also went down to the dirt jumps and that was terrible.

Day 5: We rode the foam pit alot and Kenzie learned no-footed can-cans, Spencer learned 360 x-ups, I learned 360’s, Nick learned backflips. All in the foam pit.

day 6: Friday we practiced alot. I took first place in my competition, not the advanced. Nick took first place in “best trick” competition and first place in the advanced “best run” competition for rollerblading.


Spencer Johnson-Tire taps, 360’s, 360 x-up in foam pit.

Jeff Langlois-double peg stall, 180 to fakie out, no-hander in foam pit, 360 in foam pit.

Kenzie Johnson-feeble grind, no-footed can-can in foam pit then jump box.

Nick Johnson-wall taps, stalls on large sub-boxes, backflips in foam pit, double front flips in foam pit on his rollerblades.

Things not so Good

Things that happend that did not turn out so well were when I fell on this rail and hurt my hip, stomach, ear, and twisted my ankle alittle but that did not make an effect on anything. In Spencers and my cabin we had these anoying little gymnastics kids in there. Oh yea Spence got hurt doing 360's right before the best trick competition and best run so he did not compete in either so that kinda sucked. The Mint kids all of us could not stand.

Highlights of the Trip

My highlights were seeing Nick on camera doing a big wall tap out of a quarter, when Spencer landed the tiretap in the bowl, when I landed a double peg stall on the quarter pipe, watching Kenzie do no-footed cans, when we were getting filmed for the Lakeowen video that was pretty cool, during our class when Kenzie landed a feeble over and down the box she got off her bike and started jumping up and down and that was cool and funny-good job Kenz, watching Spencer in this super small halfpipe when he did like 20 tire taps in a row he just kept going and going, "Dr. Slice."