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Mother & Father
Mother & Father 
Wedding Photo of his mother Hanna and his father Stanley. His mother was also very abusive and would hit him as well as his father. His mother believed in harsh punishment. He says he grew to dislike his mother.

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How old was Richard when his parents died? Had he lost all contact with them so he never knew when they died? Did he have any other siblings other than his brother? Who gets residuals from his books and HBO special? His kids? He fascinates me because he is so cold blooded - until he talks about his family. Who actually knows if he beat his wife? She didn't say anything about it on the HBO special. Of course saying that he beat her would sell more books I guess. Do you know where he is buried? In this hick town I live in, his death was not even noted in the paper. I found out when I came to your web site.
misskitty | | June 04, 2006

It is too bad that these two people weren't arrested way back when they murdered Richards brother Florian.It is a good possibility Richard and his brother Joey would have turned out to be different men. How sad it is to hear their story of abuse and neglect.Stanley and Hanna should have been the ones to die in prision, not their children.
so sorry | | July 15, 2006

Hey.. I just finished watching "The Ice Man" documentary on the Crime Investigation channel and i had to type his name in google and find out more stuff. He murderd all those people with no remorse and it's just like......omg lol I have so much respect for him!
Megz | | August 09, 2006

Although Richard professed his love for his family, he didn't show it. They lived in hell. This comes from them. It goes to show you that you must show your children love. His father was brutal to him and this is what happens. There was a time when I would look up to the likes of this man only to pity him in the end. We dont know, maybe he made peace with God in the end. I hope so.
Charlie O'Donnell | | August 09, 2006