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'Creating a great home for GTO'

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June. 8, ,2004


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GTO article is up!


-Copying and reprinting is not allowed. I worked real long on this, so please respect my work. It is in APA, American Psychological Association, format. You need the latest Adobe acrobat/reader to read it.

Enjoy the read!




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.:Great Teacher Mango:.

"GTM. A GTO fansite with a taste of the Onibaku flair"

This site is totally dedicated to GTO, or Great Teacher Onizuka. Granted that the series is over, it is not over in our hearts. Well technically the manga, in America, is far from over. Thank god. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I hope this site will be very informative to potential viewers of GTO and fans of the series. Because as one of my blurbs once said, GTO is more than just a comedy and drama.

"Even if you do not remember what you learned in school, your favorite teachers will always be remembered. Onizuka sets himself up in GTO as the most unforgettable teacher. I sure wish I had a teacher like him."


.:Quick summary:.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Former bike gang leader and Onibaku, Eikichi Onizuka is becoming a teacher. Of course that made waves among his biker friends, but hey. Eikichi is known for trying everything and not giving up. But this challenge may be the one that may be an end to him. The Chairlady Sakurai, his sponsor, makes him take charge of the most torturous class of all of Holy Forest acadamy. Class 3-4. Of course, there is a back story of why these kids are the way they are. But it would only take Onizuka's will power, strength and luck to help him find out what is wrong with these students.




GTO live midi



6/8/04 - Article is up! go to the articles and reviews section to read it. Added a guestbook for those who want to leave a message but don't want to join the board. Altough the BBS is more fun and interactive.

6/5/04 - Added a link to a fan site of a new anime by the makers of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo.

6/3/04 - The draft of the article is on the forum. You have to be a member to read it.

5/11/04 - Working on the live action cast members, and revising article.













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