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Friend to Friend

Well, here is our web page! I hope this is an encouragement to us all. We all have different backgrounds and life experiences, but we each have something we can share that will teach and encourage. We are all Christian sisters with the same top priority, to serve our God and grow in our relationship with Him. Please send me any articles, recipes, craft ideas, pictures, stories, lessons learned, reading recommendations, upcoming special events, prayer requests and prayers answered, that you want to share. I'll try to update it weekly. For real, I know a bunch of us love to write or have hobbies or ideas we'd like to share, and this is our chance to have some fun with that! I have set up several links below, but we can make more if we want. I have just been thinking about how much I would enjoy something like this, to have the opportunity to share and to learn from each of you. You are all friends of mine, so I know you all, and now I think you can all benefit from each other, as well. If we like this idea, you may want to share this website with other friends. We'll just have to see. I am sorry if the ads bother anyone, but this is a free webpage. Everyone take care and have a great weekend! Robyn

From here, you can check these out!

Fun and delicious recipes you've sent in
What's on your minds?
Hobbies and craft projects and ideas, including crafts for kids!
A place to share our prayers
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