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  In 2001, 17,400 people were killed in crashes involving alcohol, representing 41 percent of the 42,116 people killed in all traffic crashes.(New Fatality Analysis Reporting System, FARS, NHTSA 2002)





In 1995, Denise Wagoner was involved in a near fatal car crash, the victim of an impaired driver.  She had multiple skull fractures, a crunched vertebrae, crushed ribs, and a swollen brain.  Every facial bone was broken, her arm was broken, and she lost her sight.  Doctors did not expect her to live another 24 hours.  Denise survived, later to have extensive surgery fifteen times, seven on her face alone.  She is now disfigured and blind, with permanent brain damage.  This life changing experience was the result of her own actions.  Denise was the impaired driver.

Denise has spent the last two years sharing her story, and has spoken to high school classes, drivers education programs, and convicted DUI offenders about her experience.  She shares a powerful message about impaired driving, drug abuse, alcoholism, and abusive relationships.  Just Call Me Crash - The Denise Wagoner Story was filmed in October, 1998, and is now available on video exclusively from DRUNK BUSTERS of America, L.L.C.



  The drunk driver died in this car crash and killed two others.   The white blankets are draped over the victim's bodies.