:  Leaving Las Tunas, I picked up a lady cop going to Camaguey.  That's a long way, so we must have talked a lot, but my notes don't say much.  I think I criticized the cops, since I always criticize the cops to cops, but soon learned she was an office cop in Ciego de Avila, not even a tourist town, so her claim that they never arrested anyone for talking to or going with tourists wasn't significant.
    She was stronger on living conditions.  I hadn't seen it yet, except in passing, but I'd learn later that day that Ciego de Avila is a relatively poor looking city.  And they were getting over a devastating hurricane there. She said it's not poor.  She said she has two daughters and they are well fed and healthy and nobody eats dirt anywhere in Cuba and there's plenty of milk, now.
    She thinks the hustlers who tell all the lies or pass them on from Miami to gullible tourists are selling lies to tourists who buy lies and they want the money to buy things they don't need. Those are just the regular Cuban opinions, except they usually say, exactly like Republicans, that the hustlers are people who don't want to work.
    Of course, even desk cops see more flakes than most people.  And she was also a member of the party.   Of course, she signed the petition  and she thought almost everybody did.  She helped me thread my way through Camaguay before getting out on the other side.