The red figure cited below - 7,205,660,000 - is from the UNC World Population Clock,
the most believable clock on the net, which is not connected to me or to this site.

World population April 10, 2012
7 billion 205 million 660 thousand

  Any date : A relentless cover-up by embedded media loyal to their rich, growth loving owners may be confusing you, but overgrowth of population and the human encampment are already beyond the "tipping point" and still exploding, and the result is not just global warming. The eco-system is NOW collapsing. But since continued profit flow depends on continued growth, since the rich insiders who effectively run the world don't want anyone to think about stopping growth, no matter what it does to the world we live in, the media they own continue to cover up the truth about the ongoing population explosion and its consequences. (Keep Reading)

news analyst, media critic, and philosopher
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Since March 4, 2004

In April 2012, IAmMyOwnReporter (political) & NotTalkRadio (philosophical) became one
site with two aims: (1) to objectively expose and correct embedded media lies and omissions
& (2) to provide the 20/20 brain vision needed to do that. -Glen Roberts

Unspinning Official Stories

With eyes shut tight, as always,
embedded US flacks in Cuba
fantacize changes they yearn for
or think they should yearn for

  6 April 2012: Way back before George the First invented and decreed embedded journalism, good reporters were not only at least reputed to be smarter than their editors but were also supposedly bent on getting the true story, whether their editors liked it or not. Maybe then. Not now.
   Today's reporters, especially on foreign affairs, eagerly act as stenographers for generals and as press agents for the official line of the CIA and the State Department, unfailingly (and proudly I guess) trotting out all the correct "talking points" for all their hit pieces and rah-rah-for-our-side yells.
   You'd think, being reporters and all, they'd be the ones continued

  Any American can go to
 Cuba as his own reporter

   This document argues that any American, even under the so-called "Cuban travel ban," has the existential and constitutional right to go to Cuba as his own reporter without anyone's permission except possibly Cuba's. Read Document.

 Cubans choose socialism
    On a 6-week 2002 tour of Cuba, I surveyed 100 random Cubans about a petition reportedly signed by 98% of eligible voters to lock socialism into their constitution after George Bush accused Cuba of bio-terrorism involvement and Jimmy Carter refuted the lie from Cuba but also urged Cubans to adopt the American way. See Survey Intro, Interviews 1-17 Havana, 18-48 Baracoa, 49-73 on the road, 74-89 Cienfuegos, 90-100 Havana.

Using 20/20 Brain Vision

    There's no such thing as "too idealistic." Ideal means just right. To expect this human race, with its propensity for denial and chaos, to achieve an ideal may be naive. But to reject the concept of an ideal, to fail to define it and use it as a yardstick by which to measure what you're settling for IS stupid.
    My ideal world would be a one-world communist atheist state with a population of way less than 250 million people all speaking the same language and living in harmony with the eco-system in neatly defined civilized enclaves leaving most of the world in nature's domain.
    Why? Because, being sensible, I like clean air, water, and soil; vast, unspoiled forests, deserts, grasslands, and granite slopes; a full and abundant array of healthy animal and vegetable life; beauty, adventure, peace and an assured future stability for a world like that. And I don't like the ugly alternative that...(continued, but not yet)

"Cuban Notebooks"
by Glen Roberts
Watch me write this book

This book, based on 7 visits to Cuba, is being published here, chapter by chapter, as it is written. The original 10 chapters posted have been shuffled and altered, i.e. 1-4 were combined as chapter 1, a new 2 and 3 were inserted, I'm now writing a new 4, and the posted 4 beginning will become 5. Select any chapter by clicking on the number below.

Cienfuegos high school students pack the gazebo at Parque Marti

: For a review and dismissal of just a few common misconceptions about Cuba, click HERE.



2007 UPDATES FROM CUBA: For a look at Cuba with Fidel on the bench posted from the island in January and February 2007, click HERE.


THREE APRIL '05 LETTERS FROM CUBA: Self-syndicated and offered
on the dates indicated to various U.S. media I knew wouldn't print them.
    "Human Rights in Cuba, April 14 from Havana," click HERE.
    "Viva y Habla Fidel!, April 22 from Cienfuegos," click HERE.
    "Elections in Cuba, April 29 from Havana," click HERE.

In the summer and fall of '04, the author toured eight South American countries to compare the "emerging western style free enterprise democracies" to Cuba, because, as members of the OAS and the UN, these countries are regularly armtwisted into censuring Cuba as the only country in the hemisphere still not "free." In three extensive documents listed below, the author confirms that, logically, it should be Cuba that censures the other countries, since only Cuba is free of a significant list of oppressive attributes found everywhere else, as these documents attest.
    "From Maracaibo," click HERE.
    "From the Andes," click HERE.
    "From the Cone" (includes South America Summary), click HERE.


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