Form Letters

Dear sirs,
   On_____, I got your letter of_____, which presumes to require certain information of me (and/or attempts to solicit payment of an arbitrary fine). This is clearly an effort to get around the Fifth Amendment.  I decline to provide any such information or to pay any such fine and insist instead on my right to await due process.
   I advise you that I have carefully reviewed the regulation(s) you refer to and I find it (they) violate(s) my free press rights under the First Amendment, in that it (they) presume(s) a governmental authority to license, monitor, and regulate individual exercise of these rights in an intrusive and discriminatory way.
   The regulation(s) you cite further violate(s) my 9th Amendment right to travel and my First Amendment rights to free speech and association, and my 14th Amendment right to equal protection under the law.  Arbitrary distinctions between "regular" and other-than-regular press, and arbitrary and capricious limits on incidental travel transactions amount to unlawful discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint.

(or continued if appropriate)

   I deny all allegations and implications in the "pre-penalty" notice that any exercise of First and Ninth Amendment rights is somehow illegal, and I request a public hearing in Washington D.C., since this apparent governmental attempt to compromise and sidestep the Bill of Rights is the public's business.
  In connection with said public inquiry, I submit the following pre-hearing discovery request:
  1. all documents in your files pertaining to this action, including all records and evidence of the allegations;
  2. Any correspondence or conversation within the past year between Congress and the OFAC relating to OFAC's enforcement of regulations pertaining to Cuba;
  3. a summary of penalties assessed and collected from Cuban-Americans in the past five years for violations of these regulations;
  4. a summary of penalties assessed against other Americans for traveling to Cuba;
 5. the complete context of your agency's or any government agency's analysis of the First and Ninth Amendments that leads to your assumption that the First and Ninth Amendment rights of "regular" employees of "news gathering organizations" are different from those of other Americans.