Every single story of the science of astronomy and space exploration gadgetry justifies all the time and money spent on it as just possibly leading to NOTHING but a better guess about how the universe supposedly began. That's all. Just that. Nothing more. So, if the universe isn't the universe, but just a tiny visible part of an infinite universe, and if it didn't begin, and if it doesn't matter much anyway to hopelessly lifebound and earthbound humans, then all that money and time are being wasted on a gigantic wild goose chase.

    My theory, which costs not a single tax dollar, is that the vast concentration of matter (just the matter, i.e. the substance - NOT the space it's floating in) - only the cloud of matter which definitely exists within the range of our assisted vision (though it probably - almost certainly - exists far beyond our vision, too), in just the local region of space weirdly called THE universe by philosophically challenged astronomers...
    My theory is that THAT particular vast cloud of matter KEEPS expanding and THEN contracting and THEN expanding and THEN contracting, the motor force being a contest between inertia and "magnetism" (the attraction of matter for matter that nobody understands), which acts as a brake on inertia. As the inertia of each consecutive "big bang" diminishes because the force of the bang diminishes until it can be overcome by "magnetism," magnetism reasserts itself and contraction begins and continues until all the local matter is again too dense and "bangs" again.

     That's comprehensive but I'll reiterate the point. I don't know what magnetism is, but it's accepted and it demonstrably is, and it provides a force that accounts both for, say, half the motion of matter while matter is coming together (both generally and in countless sub-contexts) and also for the gathering of matter until its excessive density results in a density-relieving "bang" that then provides a force also accounting for, say, half the motion of matter as it flies apart (while continuing to come together in countless sub-contexts).
    The perpetual motion of matter thus provided (almost exactly as in a combustion engine) then brings about all the complexities of conglomerate matter in motion which constitute all the phenomena of life and physics in the KNOWN universe. Maybe (probably) the same mechanism drives other clouds of matter in other parts of the UNKNOWN universe, and maybe (probably not) something else happens.
    Maybe at the peak of each expansion additional matter is caught from adjacent regions and added to the local ensemble by the reassertion of attraction, and/or maybe some matter is lost into adjacent regions as it escapes the limits of local attraction.

    There you have it - a coherent theory that acknowledges eternity and infinity, redefines what confused astronomers have weirdly called THE universe as the local regional known PART of the universe, and disposes of any further need for the concepts of gods or "origins."
    You're welcome. Now we can dismantle NASA and use the human and material resources to improve eco-friendly transportation and waste disposal systems on earth, here and now, the only place and time that matter to the earth-and-life-bound.