Communism is NOT an ideology or a political system. It is ONE of the procedures that the people of a civilized state need to employ in order to live together in a civilized way and to provide and maintain as good a life for every participant as is practically possible. That IS the logical purpose of a civilized state. Any plan to achieve that purpose must have an economic dimension, and that economic dimension logically has to be communistic.
        Communism IS an economic process or system of processes, i.e. a procedure, through which all or practically all the goods and services actually needed by all the people of a civilized state, so that they can all live well enough, are produced and distributed, the work and benefits being shared as equally as is both fair and practical to all the participants, and the total cost of the benefits thus shared being ONLY participation in the procedure.

       Americans believe economics is a strictly money related science, but it's not. Economics is the science of resource management. Labor and consumption, which.....THIS DEFINITION IS CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN, NOT CHANGED, JUST REWRITTEN...