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...There's a Party at Emily's!

Aaron and Keith

Lisa (she looks like that cuz she was having a pillow thrown at her)

David, Keith, and Aaron chillin' in my room

Jamie and Brian (and wine coolers and In-n-Out... classy)

Lauren is all kinds of giggly (and she's sober too!)

Me and Keith (either Jamie or Lauren threw a pillow at him, so he was in mid-movement
on his way to go kick their ass - that's why the picture looks weird)

Lisa again

Jamie is unsuspecting that Lauren's foot is about to go in her face

Someone dared Keith to take Lisa down in a wrestling match... so he did

Keith and Aaron playing Asshole

Me not understanding how to play Asshole and Keith looking annoyed

Nice... using my mom's doily for a coaster

The boys kickin' it on the couch