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Jester xXDoLXx (8:42:02 PM): Hello there!
DarkBlade75 (8:42:16 PM): ?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:42:51 PM): I'm sorry allow me to introduce myself. I'm known as the Jester and it's come to my attention that you are a skillful roleplayer.
DarkBlade75 (8:43:25 PM): How has it come to your attention, I might ask?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:44:12 PM): I am known to a wide variety of roleplayers and I keep my contacts close... Interestingly enough a few of them have mentioned you as being a factor they've encountered in their proceedings.
DarkBlade75 (8:44:37 PM): Who has?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:45:30 PM): I believe they want their identities concealed at the moment, does that discomfort you?
DarkBlade75 (8:45:43 PM): Only a little.
DarkBlade75 (8:45:58 PM): I am not sure whether to believe you, or disregard this conversation as trash.
Jester xXDoLXx (8:47:20 PM): Well I can assure you I would not be wasting my time if I considered this small venture as being fruitless... No... I have no way of proving this to you aside from expressing my interest.
DarkBlade75 (8:47:47 PM): Just hint towards those that gave you my name.
Jester xXDoLXx (8:48:56 PM): One of the individuals, the foremost one, says you know him from Avalon.
DarkBlade75 (8:49:31 PM): I don't even try to RP on Avalon, so it is pretty pathetic if I was recommended from there.
Jester xXDoLXx (8:50:52 PM): Then perhaps that's exactly what they are trying to express?.. This is all theoretical mind you... I am curious as to where your real talent is invested towards.
DarkBlade75 (8:51:20 PM): My talent in roleplaying? Or my other talents?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:52:14 PM): Well, I am primarily interested in your roleplaying abilities... Though if there
Jester xXDoLXx (8:52:18 PM): excuse me..
DarkBlade75 (8:52:32 PM): Did you talk to me just to poke fun?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:52:34 PM): Though if there's anything else you are skillful at, then I wouldn't mind knowing about that.
Jester xXDoLXx (8:52:50 PM): Trust me if it your desire to do so, I do not poke fun.
DarkBlade75 (8:53:15 PM): Ok.
DarkBlade75 (8:53:27 PM): What were your intentions on IMing me anyway?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:55:09 PM): Let me take this back a moment for you to understand my purpose... Clearly it has come to the attention of many veteran roleplayers that the roleplaying population of the world has been turning out more and more amateurs... This, as it would naturally do so, disturbs me. I seek to find those with skill... and make clear our paths, that we may be able to grow in strong community of those with true prowess in the art of roleplaying.
DarkBlade75 (8:56:15 PM): What do you mean by community? Like forums?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:57:50 PM): Forums, chat rooms... All these measures encompass the entire collective of roleplaying communities all over. My interest is to make these communities... "Sacred" to those that wish to protect the true art, whether your interest lies in forums or chatrooms or instant messaging... I want to make a clean path for those that take pride in their work.
DarkBlade75 (8:58:21 PM): Just a question for you.
DarkBlade75 (8:58:28 PM): You said you got my name from Avalon, no?
Jester xXDoLXx (8:59:08 PM): I got your name from an acquaintance I have in the community known as Avalon.
DarkBlade75 (8:59:27 PM): nightshadow, perhaps?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:00:14 PM): I'm not sure what his name is in the forum itself... His true name is Johnathan M.
DarkBlade75 (9:00:30 PM): Oh.
DarkBlade75 (9:00:53 PM): Are you going to create a forum, or something of the sort for our RPs?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:02:04 PM): Actually I am currently involved in a project creating a forum area of my own community, though it won't become available for the moment as the server is undergoing some upgrading.
DarkBlade75 (9:02:59 PM): Ok.
Jester xXDoLXx (9:06:16 PM): If you are ever involved in a battle you believe is worth attention, please don't hesitate to inform me.
DarkBlade75 (9:06:31 PM): A battle?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:07:08 PM): In my experience I can usually see the true value of a potentially powerful roleplayer, in their clarity during combat.
DarkBlade75 (9:07:58 PM): Aganst another roleplayer or just a random npc?
DarkBlade75 (9:08:24 PM): In all truth, I'm more into futuristic RPs. Such as Megaman and things of that nature.
Jester xXDoLXx (9:09:14 PM): It is clearly more interesting when one is matched against a person who is quite concious... I would be really interested in viewing your skill in that. Oh and your interest in futuristic roleplaying is cause of more fascination.
DarkBlade75 (9:09:44 PM): What do you mean about more fascination?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:11:28 PM): I am one interested in all forms of roleplaying, whether they take on fantastic themes, medieval ones or futuristic tones... I have been growing more interest especially in roleplaying that involves futuristic material as of lately..
DarkBlade75 (9:11:46 PM): What has caused the sudden interest, might I ask?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:13:52 PM): Recently in a roleplaying universe I was quite a part of, the storyline had taken an interesting twist, in that community we were all surprised by the recent arrival of three new-comers who have come to the world, according to thier story, through a form of teleportation... The style they have brought with them involves a heavy-set futuristic feel and it has been the highlight of my interest for some time.
DarkBlade75 (9:14:30 PM): Did this take place on a website/
Jester xXDoLXx (9:15:18 PM): It took place in chat-room roleplaying, a seemingly small community though, but it has been the nesting ground, for quite some time now, for greater projects and themes.
DarkBlade75 (9:15:33 PM): Oh.
DarkBlade75 (9:15:42 PM): Is ther a chat-room going on right now?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:16:43 PM): No, because the community has a heavy focus on the living story-line we usually schedual a date where we can attain good amounts of attention from a large number of people. It is quite an interesting experience, and if you are interested I'll be sure to keep you posted on our next meet.
Jester xXDoLXx (9:17:15 PM): I assure you in that community there is not a single person that does not take pride in their work. They are a handful of very skillful roleplayers too.
DarkBlade75 (9:18:03 PM): I would like to watch one, if you don't mind.
Jester xXDoLXx (9:18:56 PM): Of course I don't mind... Ohh I actually may have screenshots... sadly much of the battle is missing, but I have screenshots of the concluding events of a battle that took place in this community.
DarkBlade75 (9:19:21 PM): Can you host them on a website so that I might view them?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:19:49 PM): Give me a moment, I will see what I can do.
Jester xXDoLXx (9:26:49 PM):
DarkBlade75 (9:28:01 PM): By any chance, is this DND style RP?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:28:37 PM): The fight you are viewing is more of freeform roleplaying, a blend of myths and cultures... really interesting stuff once you into it.
DarkBlade75 (9:28:50 PM): It seems so.
DarkBlade75 (9:28:58 PM): Do you ever have DMs in any of your RPs?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:29:43 PM): Sometimes it is seen... but I more enjoy the freedom of choice and character expansion... the ability to use your resources and senses to the max... it shows one's true potential.
Jester xXDoLXx (9:29:50 PM): Second Page.

Jester xXDoLXx (9:30:13 PM): Third Page.

Jester xXDoLXx (9:30:41 PM): Fourth Page. Conclusion.

DarkBlade75 (9:30:50 PM): May I ask what chatroom service that is?
Jester xXDoLXx (9:32:15 PM): It's a very cheap parachat service I set up for small meetings and other cheap encounters... A new one is being designed strictly for our own use as a larger community.... I'll provide you with a link, one moment.
Jester xXDoLXx (9:32:49 PM):
DarkBlade75 (9:33:43 PM): Alright.
Session concluded at 10:12:15 PM