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So. . you want to be popular? a noble desire but remember not to overdue it or everyone will think you are fake. If you are super nice and would never even think of using anyone then exit this site now and either change or give up. The main rule of popularity is this: Use or be used. Harsh? maybe but thats the way it goes. First fix anything that is gross about you. Greasy, frizzy hair? get a good shampoo& us Frizzease. Oily. acne-infested face? put flour on your face before washing to get rid of excess oil and invest in a good concealer. Yellow teeth? get a whitening product or paint-on whitener. Flabby stomach? do some crunches. Braces or other physical characteristics that can't be fixed? Grin and bear them. Alright, now that that's done find someone pretty popular, nice and that likes you at least a little bit and make them your best friend. invite them to your house, movies and get close to them preferebly a month or so before school starts so you can get a fresh new start. Do not tell this "friend" super-secret things or anything they could use against you because they could be using you. Sit with them at school and get to know their friends, but no matter what try to stay loyal to this friend unless they suddenly become super unpopular. There are certain things that make guys think you are hot, you need guys to think that so you can get a boyfriend. Get a triangle bikin for pool party, fairly short shorts, halter tops maybe a tube top depending on how much you got up there and if other girls have tube tops too,get sophisticated bras and cute underwear for the locker room. If you go to a public school bend the rules for the dress code but if you go to a private school get super-cute shoes and make it a requirement to look super-pretty, but remember that if you go overboard people will think you are slutty. Wear make-up but not too much depending on what other girls wear. Don't get foundation or that crap, just get mascara, lipgloss ocasional eyeshadow, and brown blush to make you look tan. Flirt with boys but not too much or you will look slutty. Do not backstab deliberatly it's ok to make other girls less popular but don't permenantly damage their reputation and make sure that they don't know it was you. Get good grades and try out for athletics and clubs that are not for dorks. Do not make a point of pointing out your deformalities (double jointed thumbs) sicknesses (asthma) or obsessions (ricky martin, harry potter) Note: you can say "i like (blank" but don't dish out everything you know about the subject. If you don't feel confident, fake it and try to be in a good mood as often as possible. It's okay to be sad once in a while but you don't want to be labeled a drama queen. Even if you're pressured to, don't make fun of other kids to their faces but just stand in the crowd with them. Dont make fun of kids at school cause you dont want to get in trouble. Don't talk in class too much, pass notes if the teacher is clueless and don't cheat. If you follow this you will most likely be popular but have a good reputation. Enjoy your new life!