This is me doing a photo shoot. Those shorts are the most comfortable shorts I own.

This is my best friend Beyonce Knowles. We have been friends ever since I can remember. She has a beautiful voice and loves to perform.

This is my boyfriend who is the hottest football player in the NFL. Jason I LOVE YOU!!!

This is one of my childhood friends. She is now an angel in heaven. RIP Aaliyah you are always in my heart.

Here is a picture of my only sibbling. This is my little brother Ricky. Te Amo

This is my beach house mansion where Jason and I live. We enjoy the peace and quiet in our happy little home.

I love nature and flowers are my favortie. This is a pimk hibiscus flower, which is my absolute favorite.

This is Lisa Fernandez who is the number one pitcher in the World. She is my role model.

This is my best friend that I have met here at JMU. She is the coolest girl around. She is also a great athlete.

This is another one of my friends that I have met at school. She is from California also. She is my mexican sister.

This is my best friend from home who plays softball for Oregon State University. She is a baller and one of the funniest people I know.


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