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If you are ever in the state of California or in the city of San Diego, here are some places where you need to visit. These sites include nice restaurants as well as that special place to take your sweetheart.

bulletThe World's Famous San Diego Zoo
bulletIf you are ever in San Diego you need to visit the Zoo. This is one of those places that you need to say that you visited because it is famous throughout the US. So take a trip and visit the wildlife.
bulletBeautiful Downtown
bulletThis place is full of action. If you wanted to go out and see the beautiful bay and watch a sunset this is the place to be. It is full of shops and fine dinning. There is always something to do in downtown. For all you club goers this is the place to go. 5th Avenue is jammed packed with people and clubs up and down the streets.
bulletA Great Place To Shop
bullet If you want to indulge in a day full of shopping, well this is the place to do it. This mall is full of stores that you can't even imagine. It also includes many fine dinning restaurants as well as a huge food court. Also it contains a large AMC movie theater.
bulletSo if you want to blow the cash, here is the place.


bullet  Beautiful Scenic walk

                  This is Seaport Village which is located in downtown San Diego. It is kind of a tourist spot where there are little shops        and cafes around. It is right next to the water and it is a great place to take an evening walk. Make sure you bring a jacket because it  gets a little chilly by the water.


bullet Looking for Hotels

         This is one of the nicest hotels around. It is right on the beach and its service is incredible. Not to mention they have one of the top

          buffets around.








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