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~ Cane Corso Mastiff ~

~Cane Corso Mastiff~

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And thank you for visting our web page. My name is Bonnie and I am owned by Zoi, a female Cane Corso Mastiff, Zoi was born April 1st 2002 and came to live with me at the age of six months. I hope you enjoy her pictures and those of her special friends.... mostly Mastiff breeds.

Please visit the many links for Cane Corso history, wonderful vintage photos, breed clubs & much more. Also visit my favorite message board Molossers Bulls & Herders This is a nice friendly site to post your pictures and talk dog.

Be sure and check the Unethical Cane Corso breeder link. Rustic Kennels used fake PennHIP Scores,did not supply FCI Papers & has produced epileptic dogs. View Video

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