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So, what is this site all about?

Well, I'm sure I'm not alone in my love of these two classic systems. Playing games on these brings back more nostalgia than many films and most music.

I have been playing emulated versions of the games for some time now, but I just yearned to play them on a proper TV with a proper joystick.

This meant getting the original machines.

I acquired a 1040ST and Amiga 500, 500+, 600 and 1200 on ebay when I realised how cheap they are now a days.

This site is here as a little guide of the best ways (I found) to get game disk images downloaded from the net back onto disks you can use with your classic ST and Amiga. You will find stuff to help you in the downloads section and a complete list of ST disks from the biggest groups, to help you with finding the game you actually want to play amongst the myriad of "Menus".

This is by no means a full list, but a guide as to how I successfully have moved over 95% of my ST images and 100% of my Amiga images back to bootable floppies.


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