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|Bboy Summit
          The mission of anonymous_inc is to publicize, and log the BGirls of Chicago. Here their vitals will be given, their moves known and learned throught their BGirl time will be logged, pictures will be shown of their moves and another picture taken of them in motion. They will also their own BGirl journal. This is open to a select few. Mainly the people that break in the Chicago Area. To get on here contact me with the information needed, and a couple of snap shots of what you could do and maybe we could battle sometime. To really grow into the BGirl community that this was meant to be, contact me and we'll tell you about the breaking sessions already in progress. I hope to get new members soon.
Always Stylin'
Cela P., a.k.a Torch, b.k.a Allana

BGirls:    Allana    Allison    Jeanne    Jet    Rubie    Sonia
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Name:    Allana
Alias:    N/A
Born:    August 29, 1985
Raised:    Chicago, Il
Page(s):    |2Dearie
Breaking Background:    Started breaking beginning of sophomore year (September - 2000), stopped 2 months after because of school and performances, re-started September - 2002
Moves Aquired:
- Crabbing
- Nike's
- Handstand
- Headstand
- 6-Step

Moves Experimentation:
- Footwork
- Turtles
- Handspins
December 12 -
Shout out to Lady Champ who's da best b-girl ever!!

November 21 -
Less breaking more school makes Allana something something.
Go crazy??
Nope!! Hate school and break more!! hahaha. TAKE THAT . . SCREW THE SYSTEM!! hahahaha.
November 8th -
Man, I am too rusty. I'm getting my handspins, which is great considering my wrist is a bitch. S'all good.
Name:    Allison
Alias:    Alli, Fligguh
Born:    June 30, 1987
Raised:    Chicago, Il
Page(s):    Lushuzzpnay05
Breaking Background:    I'm a beginner that started around July of this year (2002), basically ben wokin' on upper body strength.
Moves Aquired:
- Posing Handspins ( muahah my fav.)
- Backspins
- Crabs
- 6 Step
- Toprock
- Handstand

Moves Experimentation:
- Air Swipes
- Flares( not too good can start one tho hahah)
November 24th -

November 8th -
8 mile n wha nIgguh!? haha lordies such a good ass movie i know this has nothing to do with breaking Buh Psssh who cares !?!?! =1=
Name:    Jeanne
Alias:    jEaNnE LiKe wHoA
Born:    June 09, 1985
Raised:    Chicago, IL
Page(s):    cHiBi_1004    |    jEaNnE_LiKe_wOa    |    LaDy_x_6o9
Breaking Background:    Breaker spectator and finally gettin' some of the action~!
Moves Aquired:
- Various Poses

Moves Experimentation:
- Everything else
Log: cant handle this shi3tt nikkuuhhhh~~!! if u dont got style, you're just a GYMNAST nikka! lol
Name:  Jeannette
Alias: da plane?
Born:  September 6, 1988 imma youngn
Raised:  Da Eva So Hectic Chytown! 773!
Page(s):  klumzy_lil_meeh
Breaking Background:  Started about a year and a half ago(2001) and den quit.....tryna start all ober again!
Moves Aquired:
- Poses

Moves Experimentation:
- Flares
- Turtles!
Name:  Rubie
Alias:  Caramel Sutra (just Sutra for short)
Born:  August 13, 1985
Raised:  Born in L.A.| raised in Goroka (Papua New Guinea) | Sydney (Australia) | and Chi-Town!
Page(s):  None
Breaking Background:  I've always been interested in breaking but didn't really attempt until Sophomore year. That became a major flop and even now I don't have time AT ALL because of all this crazy school and college stuff going on, so hopefully I'll be able to start soon....
Moves Aquired:
- Footwork
- Crabbing

Moves Experimentation:
- Headstands
- Handstands
Name:  Sonia
Alias:  Yet to be determined.
Born:  August 7, 1985
Raised:  ChI TowN!
Page(s):  N/A
Breaking Background:  I dunno.
Moves Aquired:
Moves Experimentation:
Thanks for helping us out kuya, you've been great Brought to you by shebang