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JANUARY 1, 2003 Hey... Welcome to my new Anime site. It's still under construction so ummm KEEP COMING... I'll be working on this periotically... I'm new to HTML so don't expect much thus far.I'll make fan-fics,galleries,blah,blah,blah,etc,etc... This so far is mostly about Inuyasha and the manga comics of Dragon Knights. I wanna say hi to my friends: Missy , Candy , and Mary. I hope you guys like my site [including all of you other viewers , too , of course.] ~my sayings of life~ ~life is like a boner, long and hard~ ~if you have any questions please feel free to..SHUT UP!~ ~Hey, i have a job down at the factory-painting skittles!~ If you want to know a little about -here's some info- I'm alot like Inuyasha, I am pretty insensitive and people don't tend to like me. I would never hurt my few , but close friends. Even if I lack in showing affection I strongly persue my goals and express myself freely. ~Wow I sounded smart~ ^-^ [teehee] I SHALL SUCK YOUR BRAIN WITH A BENDY STRAW AND MOOSES AND CABBAGES SHALL ENGULF YOU!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough* ACK... this is a site expressed of extreme boredum be warned.

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