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Hello! to you all.... O___O!!

I am not sure how long was it that I've updated my little website. I used to think that I could make some sort of interactive website but failed. Nevertheless I will try to do it later on. Now here is where you need to go to get some great Soundtracks where I found out that it has plenty for you to drown yourself in Japanese music and game.

Bakabt this website has a lot of music and videos, I watched almost everything they have and let me tell you that its fantastic. They have a good community. I highly recommend this website, they work with torrents in order to upload their content and they are very fast. mostly what they have is anime music and videos

Soundtrack-mp3 this website has mostly game soundtracks, the way they work is by downloading from servers such as megaupload and rapidshare. They have an insane amount of game music content.

Anime Music Collection This website is also a monster for anime music collection, I think they have those hard to get soundtracks, I am not sure myself how I came across this website but the way to go around is to simply change the a for b and so on. I don't have the entry page.

I will probably make a new website in the future, but for now I have other affairs. I hope you will enjoy all this music as well as I do. The really hard to get for all this years is PRINCESS ROUGE OST, for some reason I was unable to find it and now it seems impossible. Of course I have not given up yet. :) If I find any interesting websites I will post them here. thank you for visiting and have a wonderful music hunt.

If you find any problems please use this e-mail at and please put anime music in the heading..