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Darkest Faerie Lair

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I've got a feeling.  Oh yeah. 

Why don't we do it in the road?

Well, you can indicate everything you see.

All good children go to heaven.

'Cause I'm the taxman.


We all live in a yellow submarine.

Please don't be long.

All you need is love.

All I gotta do is act naturally.

One and one and one is three.

Listen, do you want to know a secret?

How can you laugh when you know I'm down?

Regular Blog Tutorial

Did you ever step in a water pipe, pipe,

Down to the bottom of the water system,

And there did you meet a little alligator,

Who answered to the name of Alvin,

If you did his mine.

I lost him,

I threw my Alvin down the pipe, pipe,

Down to the bottom of the water system,

Because he was getting to big for his britches,

But now I'm getting lonely since he's gone.

I miss him.

I did not write this song. I do not own these lyrics. Please don't sue me.

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