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Darkest Faerie Lair

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Welcome Message
You want your visitors to feel welcome to your guild, so put some sort of introduction.  Here are some ideas:

"Hi, this is username, welcome to my guild!  This guild is about blah blah blah..."
"Welcome to guild name here!  The greatest guild in all of Neopia!  We have contests, giveaways, a website, and more!"
"Welcome to guild name here!  Please introduce yourself in the message board and get to know the other members!"

Of course, it's much better when you come up with the intro yourself.  It shouldn't be too long, maybe a paragraph or two at most.  Once you have finished with your welcome message, put this code in:

It puts in a horizontal line, and it will separate the welcome message from the next section.

Your members will always be curious about what's happening in the guild, so you'll want a news section.  Click here for some styles of displaying your news. 
Choose the one that you want (the actual one will look exactly the same, only wider) and copy the code.  Once you have changed what you want, find where it says TEXT HERE and put in your news.  You will also want a title, so put the word "NEWS" or "UPDATES" there somewhere as well. 
Suggestions: Whenever you put up some news, put the date as well as your username, so everyone knows when and who updated it. 
When you have finished with your news, put this code in after </center>:

What's Happening?
Why should I join your guild?  You should have some sort of Money Tree giveaway, Message Board party, or other sort of activity going on. 
So, I would first put a heading, so everyone knows what you are talking about.  So put in one of these codes:

What's Happening?
What's Happening?
What's Happening?

Now, you'll want to tell people about the contests.  This is what I suggest you put something like the text below:

Current Activity


Here is the code:

Now, if you want, you can change each of those things, it's up to you, that is just for people who don't have any idea what to do.  Once you have finished, put in this code:

First, you'll need a heading, so choose one of these codes: I would use the same one you used above (if you picked the first code, use the first one here a well). 

Now you can put in the actual links! 

Shop: Use this code and replace USERNAME with the username of the person who owns the shop. 

Website: Use this code, and replace URL with the address to your website. 

Message Board: Use this code, and replace URL with the address to your message board. 

If you want to add another link to somewhere else, use this code and replace URL to the address to the site (eg:, note that you MUST include http:// at the beginning!), and WEBSITE NAME with the title of the link (eg: Google)

Once you have added all your links, put in this code:

You might want to add a goodbye message at the bottom of your guild.  This is pretty easy, after your links and the <hr> code, type in a message such as:
"Thanks for visiting guild name here!  Come back soon!"
You don't need to put it into any special code or anything, so that's all you'd need to do. 
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