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Have you ever wondered how to get a super cool avatar on the Neopets Chat?  Well, now you can find out!  The avatars that I have (meaning I am positive of how to get them) are highlighted in blue.

DO NOT copy this list and put it on your site, even with a link to this site.  You are welcome to use the information (I do not own it) but please, put it in your own words and do not copy the table it is in.

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[Retired Avatars]

Updated: August 24, 2004

Avatar How To Get It Other Info
Beat a Bionic Cybunny in NeoQuest II Bionic Cybunnies are found in Chapter 5
NeoQuest II Game Tips
Put the Fire Paw card into your Neodeck
Get at least 800 points in Raiders Of Maraqua Raiders Of Maraqua Game Tips
Win the Caption Contest Only certain Caption Contests (eg. 100th, 500th, etc)
Own a Grey Pet and look at it's Pet Lookup
0 Have a Gruslen attached to your pet for at least 99 days then go to your Pet Lookup Any colour will work
Have a Bottled Faerie bless your Shoyru Dark Faeries will only work if your pet is at least at Level 2
Beat Meuka in the Battledome To get him as a challenger, get Sneezles or NeoFlu, then visit your Quick Ref
Watch a Chomby and The Fungus Balls Concert
Have a Mazzew attached to your pet for at least 200 days then go to your Pet Lookup
Pick anything but Dung at Pick Your Own (you must have 6 items in your basket) If you get any Dung, click on it in your basket to discard it.  If the last item you get is Dung, you cannot discard it, so you must wait a day to play again
Buy a Rarity 80 + item from Clothing Store
Random when playing Cellblock Cellblock Game Tips
Get at least 900 points in Gourmet Club Bowls Type in "shepherd" when the game first loads to get double points
Gourmet Club Bowls Game Tips
Beat Devilpuss in NeoQuest II NeoQuest II Game Tips
Be beaten by a Plains Lupe in NeoQuest II Plains Lupes can be found in the very beginning of the game,
Just choose "Do Nothing" "5s"
Beat Kasuki Lu in the Battledome To get him as a challenger, get the Kasuki Lu card and view it in your items
Win the Lenny Conundrum
Search for Avatars on the Help Page and refresh If after you refresh it tells you to resend the information, just click "Retry"
Take your Kacheek to The Beach The Kacheek must be your active pet
Get at least 1200 points in Eliv Thade Eliv Thade Game Tips
Get at least 1000 points in Gadgadsgame A window might come up telling you the avatar does not exist, but you should've still gotten it, check your Chat Preferences.
Gadsgadsgame Game Tips
Score at least 800 points by telling Grumpy Old King a joke You can only try once a day
Have 1000 unique items in your Safety Deposit Box If you have 20 Plain Omelettes, it will only count as one, they have to be different items
Get at least 230 points in Ultimate Bullseye Ultimate Bullseye Game Tips
Feed an Elephante a Bag of Peanuts -
Paint a Buzz at the Rainbow Fountain To use the Fountain, you need to complete the random Fountain Faerie quest
Get at least 1300 points in Chia Bomber Chia Bomber Game Tips
Put a Nerkmid in the Vending Machine -
Feed a Snorkle Snout to your pet -
Watch a Sticks 'N Stones Concert -
Get at least 3000 points in MAGAX: Destroyer MAGAX: Destroyer Game Tips
Win 10 Bilge Dice games in a row -
Put an Icy Snowflake in your inventory and check Terror Mountain's weather -
Have a Snowbunny attached to your pet for at least 365 days then go to your Pet Lookup -
Get a perfect 24 (all 6s) in Bilge Dice Random
Use any Transmogrification Potion on your pet Moehog, Kiko, Techo, and Chia Transmogrification Potion are cheapest currently
Have a Slorg attached to your pet for at least 101 days then go to your Pet Lookup -
Collect all the Lost Desert Stamps and put them into your album -
Get a Drackonack and a Cheese, put them in your inventory and refresh until the Cheese disappears -
0 Get at least 2000 points in Sutek's Tomb Sutek's Tomb Game Tips
Equip a Mootix to your Active Pet's Petpet and Refresh your Quick Ref -
Collect all the Haunted Woods Stamps and put them into your album -
Beat the Black Pteri in the Battledome The Black Pteri is a random challenger
Get a trophy in Plushie Tycoon You need to have over 50,000 NP at the end of the month.
I did it in about two days with the Plushie Tyn00bs Guide
Collect all the Tyrannian Stamps and put them into your album -
Collect all the Virtupets Stamps and put them into your album -
Collect all the Mystery Island Stamps and put them into your album -
Tie and then win when playing Deadly Dice Game You can only play at 12-1 PM NST
200 points Extreme Potato Counter Extreme Potato Counter Game Tips
Top 50 in Neoboard Avatar Collector -
Buy a Blue Evil Fuzzle and have your pet play with it Random
Do Edna's Quest Random
Own a Halloween Lupe and look at it's Pet Lookup -
Top 50 in Korbat's Lab Korbat's Lab Game Tips

[Newest Avatars] [Older Avatars] [Oldest Avatars]
[Retired Avatars]

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