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Have you ever wondered how to get a super cool avatar on the Neopets Chat?  Well, now you can find out!  The avatars that I have (meaning I am positive of how to get them) are highlighted in blue.  If you look at my (fuhnah_fire) account, it will show I only have a few avatars, I have the other ones on a different account. 

DO NOT copy this list and put it on your site, even with a link to this site.  You are welcome to use the information (I do not own it) but please, put it in your own words and do not copy the table it is in.

[Newest Avatars] [Older Avatars] [Oldest Avatars]
[Retired Avatars]

Updated: August 26, 2004

Avatar How To Get It Other Info
Get at least 1000 points in Mutant Graveyard of Doom
Get at least 1270 points in Freaky Factory (possibly lower, but higher than 1200)
Do not buy the Undead Grundo Shopkeeper card it doesn't work. This avatar might not be released, it could simply be one that was made that they decided not to release.
Change your shopkeeper to Usul - Gothic and then go to your shop front If you change your shopkeeper and go to your shop front again, your avatar will be taken from you.
Have a gnome in your inventory and visit the Garden Shop Year Six Lupe Gnome and Seasonal Shoyru Gnome are cheapest
Get at least 750 points in Meerca Chase
Land on the Eight Pointed Star Space on the Wheel of Knowledge
Get at least 800 points in Deckswabber Deckswabber Game Tips
Go to a Pet's Lookup who has a Goldy attached
Here's one - it's not mine. 
0 Battle For Meridell Chapter 7

Tell the Grumpy Old King a joke with a rating of less than 300
Go to a Ruki's Lookup Here's a Ruki - it's not mine.  DO NOT NEOMAIL THE OWNER!
Go to Lord Kass's page on the Gallery of Evil
Look at ReiiKon the Darigan Peophin!! Go to a Darigan Peophin's Lookup Here's a Peophin - it's not mine.  DO NOT NEOMAIL THE OWNER!
Be published in the Neopian Times at least 10 times
Win the Dice A Roo Jackpot
Buy the Niten Hiroru card and go to his Neopedia article
Get at least 5000 points in Snowmuncher Snowmuncher Game Tips
0 Go to a Baby Pteri's Lookup Here's a Pteri - it's not mine.  DO NOT NEOMAIL THE OWNER!
Lose Cliffhanger Just type something that you know isn't the answer in the box at the bottom, or chose only letters that you know won't be in the puzzle (Z, X, Q, J, etc)
Beat Level Five of ShapeShifter ShapeShifter Game Tips
Go to a Pet's Lookup who has a Faellie attached Here's one - it's not mine. 
Get at least 850 points in Whack-A-Kass Whack-A-Kass Game Tips
Land on 1000 NP on the Wheel of Mediocrity
0 Have a mirror in your inventory, then go to Vira's page on the Gallery of Evil Red Mirror, Green Mirror, and Black Mirror are cheapest
0 Sign up for Neopets Premium, which costs money >:( You use to have to send someone a neomail with the subject and the message as "I love neomail".
Have your pet's species changed when using the Lab Ray
Use a Morphing Potion on your pet
Win at the Deserted Fairground Scratchcard Kiosk
Own an Island Quiggle and look at it's Pet Lookup
Have a petpet eaten by Turmaculus
Go to a Jubjub's Lookup Here's a JubJub - it's not mine.  DO NOT NEOMAIL THE OWNER!
Play with a Faerie Queen Doll
Download the Coco Roller Game to your cell phone (costs $4.00 US), get a high score, and then enter the code Only available in the US.  :(
0 Go to a Yurble's Lookup Here's a Yurble - it's not mine.  DO NOT NEOMAIL THE OWNER!
Attach a Super Attack Pea to a Pea Chia
Random Event During Invasion of Meridell Invasion of Meridell Game Tips
Go to your User Lookup Only if you beat a Spyder in the Battle for Meridell war
0 Go to Darigan's Chambers Only if you fought for Darigan in the Meridell vs. Darigan war
Play Tyranu Evavu and win 15 times in a row
Own an Orange Grundo and look at it's Pet Lookup
Redeem a type in "A384J 228P1" in the Old Code box
Beat the Ghost Lupe in the Battledome Get him as a challenger here
Land on the ? space when playing the Wheel of Monotony (sometimes appears on other spaces) The wheel will keep going for 2 hours or so, the best thing to do is just leave it open and do something else

[Newest Avatars] [Older Avatars] [Oldest Avatars]
[Retired Avatars]

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