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My best Friend Angel

My best friend Angel and I are the traveling kind. When ever we have an opportunity, we are gone. I drive and she enjoys the view. What kind of friend she is lets me do all the work. She would like to drive too, yet I am very protective off my new truck. So whenever I have to go on an errand and she has o stay in the car, she moves over and takes charge. She sits in front of the steering wheel and pretends she s the boss. She watches people walk by and smiles. If she doesn't like a particular hat someone is wearing, she get's very angry. She is the ruler of the parking lot. Luckily she doesn't know how to put a key into the ignition. They always slip out of her paws. I bet if she tries hard enough, she'll learn that too. I guess that'll be the time when I have to get her a car of her own. She is shopping for  a  pink Cadillac already, the one that Barbie drives.