What is a Ya-Ya sister?

For all u ignorant and stupid people out there, a ya-ya sister is the ideal modern renaissance woman. She is strong, brave, loyal, and beautiful. But there are only so many of us Ya ya's left in this world because the non-Ya ya got jealous and tried to outlaw the meeting of the Ya yas. However, they still meet secretely in ultra secret meetings to discuss all things Ya-Ya. We also talk mainly about HOT GUYS but i'm sure we'll mention some of those conversations on our website sooner or later. We got the idea of forming our own Florida chapter of the Ya-Ya sisterhood after we saw and read the book "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood" so we really must thank Ms. Rebecca Wells for being....well...our inspiration for forming a sisterhood that will make our friendship even stronger. By the way, anybody (guy or girl) can be a Ya-ya or form their own ya-ya sisterhood: all you have to do is promise to be loyal and be a member for LIFE. However, if you don't even care about joining the sisterhood then I suggest that u just enjoy what's on this website anyways.....well go on and explore this website and maybe, just maybe, you may find out some divine secrets from OUR SISTERHOOD!
Ya-Ya oath: "I am a member of the royal and true tribe of the Ya Yas. No one can come between us and no one can break us away. I do solemnly swear to be loyal to my sister Ya-Yas, and to love and look out for them, and never forsake them through thick and thin , until I take my last human breath"

Our Trio

Cheetari Warrior Princess
Mystery Mistress