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Why live?

That's a big question.

Sometimes we wonder why we should continue on living. Why endure all the pain we have... why look at all the pain that is being created all over the world... why continue hurting your family and friends... Well, the non-depressed say that our mind's blurry... and that there is a reason to live.

We all have different reasons to live.

I found my reason to live, but it took me lots of hard work and patience. We can all find it, we just need the hope and motivation to do it.

As for me...

When I was hospitalized at Sudbury Algoma Hospital, I had a team of a psychologist, youth workers, counsellor and psychiatrist to help me get better. One thing that they wanted me to change was my toughts. They wanted me to catch the positive and put the negative toughts in my "trash can". They even asked me to change my negative toughts and experiences into positive ones. I tought that was really stupid!

It took me a while to start trying it. I started a while after with the constant push of the "team". The weird thing about it is that I was starting to have a better perspective of life and more hope. Since i've been trying hard to always change the negative into positive. I now have a better look at life.

Ex: I lost lots of friends when I started high school. The positive of it now is now I know that they weren't even good friends.

I found reason to live because of that. God made me suffer and get back up so I can help others with my experience.

We all have different reasons to live. With help and lots of thinking you can also find yours also.

Good Luck.

There's this page that really helps me when I'm feeling like I cannot like live another minute.

Here's the adress. It may help you too.

Why live?

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