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My poems and toughts

Here are my poems and toughts about life. More are to come soon...

To the Top of the Ladder
I was a scared little mouse
Hiding in the little hole.
Sometimes I would peak
And step out a bit.
But the Big cat would scare me
So I ran right back in
My lonely but safe home.

One day the cat got in
My little hole.
I still donít know how,
But boy! Did I ever ran out!

You took me in your hands
To a strange place.
You showed me the ladder
To enter the big World
Oh! Did it seem so high
For a little mouse like me

But you promised to hold
My hand
I first hesitated
And didnít cooperate.
But you never left me

I slowly climbed up.
Sometimes Iíd trip
But I got right back up
So now Iím less scared
And almost at the top.

I could climb to the clouds,
I might trip and fall down
But Iíd get right back up
Thanks to your hand.

Soon Iíll let go of your hand
And meet my fellows
In the big and noisy place
Called Society.

Iíll be with my fellows,
But Iíll never forget you.

Someday Iíll be the one to hold
Their hands
To lead them the way to the
Big place called Society

Itís been a long but worthy time
Iím almost to the last step.
Youíre slowly letting go of my handÖ
Oh! Itís getting scary!

But I will make you proud
Because Iíll make the Society
A safe and warm place.
Thanks to your caring
And warm hand.
Iíll be the One
To change the world

What I want...

They say we are here for a reason.
That someday we'll be happy to be alive.
That the pain that runs through your veins
Will soon go away.
But how can you believe this, when you don't care.
Been there so long, how could it go?
When all you want is the pain to go away.

Please leave me alone and let me live
It's a lonely world, but I feel safe.
Let me be who I want to be.

Everybody is here for a special reason. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect. Everybody deserves a decent life. Accept treatment even if you don't think it'll work. You never know. Do it for yourself.

Love is a experience.
A beautiful one.
You can realize
that life is good,
when you accept

Friends are your
survival kit.
They make you realize
that life is good,
when you accept

Obstacles are experiences.
Big or small,
it can be won..
They make you realize
that life is a nice journey,
when you accept
your faults.

Love, friendship and obstacles
are the three main thing in
Let them enter your life.
And live the journey.

J'envie la mort
J'envie la solitude
J'envie la fiertť
J'envie la tristesse

J'envie la vie normale.
J'envie la vie difficile mais avec du soleil.
J'envie la vie facile mais avec le sombre.
J'envie le dťsir de disparaÓtre

Mais mes sentiments pour mes chers
M'empÍche de commettre l'acte
Si malcompris!

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